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Technical Program

Sunday, October 26


OPENING (S. Dabagov, L. Palumbo, M. Calvetti)

9:35-10:15 A. Zichichi (to be announced) /invited/

Coffee break (20 min)

10:45-11:15 G. Barbiellini
Channeling in Frascati INFN /invited/

11:20-11:50 N. Shul’ga
Advances in Coherent Bremsstrahlung and LPM-effect Studies (in commemoration of the 100th anniversary from the birth of L.D. Landau) /invited/

11:55-12:25 A. Potylitsyn
Monochromatic X-ray Sources Based on Table-Top Electron Accelerators and X-ray Tubes /invited/

Lunch (1h 30min)

14:00-14:30 R. Ruth, J. Rifkin, and R. Loewen
The Compact Light Source: A Miniature Synchrotron /invited/

14:35-15:05 J. Faure
Laser-Plasma Based Electron Accelerators /invited/

15:10-15:40 V. Rozanov
The Radiation Yield in Different Spectral Ranges from Low Density Structured Laser Plasma with Different High Z-Admixture /invited/

Coffee break (20 min)

16:05-16:35 S. Fomin, Y. Mel’nik, V. Pilipenko, and N. Shul’ga
Challenge Safe Fast Reactor Working in a Nuclear Burning Wave Regime /invited/

16:40-17:10 S. Connell
Physics of Diamond and Applications /invited/

17:15-17:45 L. Serafini
Compton Sources: Physics and Applications, Following SPARC & PLASMONX Projects /invited/

22:00 Welcome Party

Monday, October 27

Session: S3.1 – Novel Sources: PXR & TR & DR & FEL & Plasma
Chair: H. Backe

9:00-9:30 X. Artru, G. Naumenko, A. Potylitsyn, Yu. Popov, and L. Sukhikh,
Shadowing of the Electromagnetic Self-Field of a Relativistic Electron /invited/

9:35-9:50 E. Bessonov
Methods of Charged Particle Beam Cooling

9:55-10:10 M. Ryazanov, M. Strikhanov, and A. Tishchenko
Backward Transition Radiation at Grazing Incidence on Rough Metal Surface as a Source of THz Radiation

10:15-10:30 N. Shul’ga, V. Syshchenko, and S. Shul’ga
Equivalent Photon Method and Eikonal Approximation in the Theory of Transition Radiation

Coffee break (20 min)

Session: S3.2 – Novel Sources: PXR & TR & DR & FEL & Plasma
Chair: F. Komarov

10:55-11:25 R. Avakian
PXR and DTR Radiations of 4.5 GeV Electrons in Diamond and Quartz Crystals /invited/

11:30-11:45 M. Castellano, E. Chiadroni, and A. Cianchi
Diffraction Radiation as a Diagnostics Tool at FLASH

11:50-12:05 A. Lobko
Compact PXR Sources: Achievable Parameters and Possible Applications

12:10-12:25 K. Ispirian, A. Gogolev, and A. Potylitsyn
Ray Tracing Calculation of PXR Produced in Curved and Flat Crystals by Electron Beams with Large Emittance

Lunch (1h 30min)

Session: S1.1 – Coherent Bremsstrahlung
Chair: A. Potylitsyn

14:00-14:30 N. Baier, and V. Katkov
Spectra of Radiation and Created Particles at Intermediate Energy in Oriented Single Crystal /invited/

14:35-15:05 U. Uggerhoj (representing CERN NA63)
Trident Production Observed in Aligned Crystals /invited/

15:10-15:25 S. Fomin, A. Fomin, and N. Shul’ga
Bremsstrahlung in a Thin Layer of Matter at High Energy

15:30-15:45 Alper Dizdar (CERN NA63)
Radiation from Thin Structured Targets

Coffee break (20 min)

Session: S1.2 – Coherent Bremsstrahlung
Chair: D. Giulietti

16:10-16:25 A. Mktrtchyan, and V. Parazian
The Induction of Coherent X-Ray Bremsstrahlung in Crystals Under the Influence of Acoustic Waves

16:30-16:45 V. Ganenko, K. Fissum, J. Brudvik, D. Burdeinyi, K. Hansen, L. Isaksson, K. Livingston, M. Lundin, V. Morokhovskyi, B. Nilsson, B. Schröder, and G. Vashchenko
The Coherent Bremsstrahlung Beam at MAX-lab Facility

16:50-17:05 V. Maisheev
Coherent Processes in Bent Single Crystals

17:10-17:25 D. Karlovets
On a Dual Symmetry in Some Boundary-Value Problems of Classical Electrodynamics

17:30-17:45 S.V. Blazhevich, and A.V. Noskov
On Dynamic Effects in Coherent X-radiation of Relativistic Electron in Bragg Scattering Geometry

18:05-19:00 Poster Session 1 Chair: L. Quintieri

PS1-1. Spectra of Radiation of Relativistic Electrons at Axial Channeling in the Crystals, A.A. Ananeva, O.V. Bogdanov, K.B. Korotchenko, and Yu.L.Pivovarov
PS1-2. Calculations of Channeling Radiation Spectra from Relativistic Electrons and Positrons in a Thin Si Crystal O.V. Bogdanov, and Yu.L. Pivovarov
PS1-3. Channeling Radiation from Relativistic Electrons in a Crystal Target: New Kind of Combinational X-Ray Radiation Emitted at Bragg’s Angle K.B. Korotchenko, Yu.L. Pivovarov, T.A. Tukhfatullin, and E.I. Fiks
PS1-4. Radiation Spectra of Two Hundred MeV Electrons in Diamond and Silicon Crystals at Axial and Planar Orientations K. Fissum, J. Brudvik, D. Burdeinyi, V. Ganenko, K. Hansen, L. Isaksson, K. Livingston, M. Lundin, V. Morokhovskyi, B. Nilsson, B. Schröder, and G. Vashchenko
PS1-5. Enhancement of Radiated Photons Number and Energy by the Planar Channeled and Quasi-channeled Electrons in Complex Crystals L.Gevorgian
PS1-6. Formation of Relativistic Positron Systems and Their Decay to Gamma-rays by the Axial Channelling of Positrons in Ionic Crystals A.S.Gevorkyan, and A.R. Mkrtchyan
PS1-7. Quantum Uncertainties in the Energy of Transverse Oscillations of Planar Channeled Particle L. Grigoryan, W. Wagner, H. Khachatryan, and B. Azadegan
PS1-8. Calculation of the Photon Spectrum Radiated by a Planarly Channeled Positron Bunch with Allowance for the Medium Polarization L.A.Hovsepyan
PS1-9. On the Connection Between Diffraction Radiation and Transition Radiation D. Karlovets, and A. Potylitsyn
PS1-10. The Role of the Structure Imperfectness in Formation of the Emission Spectrum from a Crystalline Undulator A. Kostyuk, A.V. Korol, A.V.Solov'yov, and W. Greiner
PS1-11. Theory of New Combinational X-Radiation of Electrons under Axial Channeling in Crystals K.B. Korotchenko
PS1-12. Coherent e+-e- Pair Photoproduction In Crystal In A Channeled States Yu.P. Kunashenko
PS1-13. The General Theory of Bremsstrahlung by High Energy Electrons in Periodically Deformed (by Acoustic Wave) Single Crystal V.Parazian, A. Mktrtchyan, and A. Saharian
PS1-14. Positron Channeling Experiments at the DAFNE BTF Facility: the CUP Experiment B.Buonomo, S.B. Dabagov, G. Mazzitelli, and L. Quintieri
PS1-15. On Coherent and Transition Radiation by Relativistic Electrons in the Field of Periodically Deformed Crystal Planes of Atoms N.F. Shul’ga, and V.V. Boyko
PS1-16. On Possibility of Classically Radiationless Motions of Relativistic Charge Distributions in Periodical Structures N.F. Shul’ga
PS1-17. Hard Incoherent Radiation in Thick Crystals N.F. Shul'ga, V.V.Syshchenko, and A.I. Tarnovsky
PS1-18. On Some Details of Radiation of Fast Particles on Fibers V.V.Syshchenko, and N.V. Soboleva
PS1-19. Polarization Of Coherent Type B Bremstrahlung S.S. Tsirkin, and Yu.P. Kunashenko
PS1-20. Planar Channeling of Electrons in Si and LiF Crystals: New Kind of Combinational X-Ray Radiation Emitted at Bragg’s Angle O.V. Bogdanov, K.B. Korotchenko, Yu.L. Pivovarov, and T.A. Tukhfatullin
PS1-21. Channelling Radiation from Relativistic Electrons in a Crystal Target as Complementary X-Ray and Gamma Ray Source at Synchrotron Light Facilities K.B. Korotchenko, Yu.L. Pivovarov, and T.A. Tukhfatullin
PS1-22. The Formation and Usage of Coherent Correlated Charged Particles States in the Physics of Channeling in Crystals V.I.Vysotskii, S.V.Adamenko, and M.V.Vysotskyy
PS1-23. Unknown Anomalous of Doppler Effect at Extreme Cherenkov Condition During Relativistic Channeling in Perfect Crystals M.V. Vysotskyy, and V.I. Vysotskii
PS1-24. An Intense Channeling Radiation X-ray Source W. Wagner, B.Azadegan, M. Sobiella, J. Steiner, K. Zeil, and J. Pawelke

Tuesday, October 28

Session: S3.3 – Novel Sources: PXR & TR & DR & FEL & Plasma
Chair: A. Pathak

9:00-9:30 V. Baryshevsky
Volume Free Electron Lasers /invited/

9:35-9:50 Kh. Chouffani *** by request ***
Laser-Compton Scattering from Intermediate Energy Electron Beams

9:55-10:10 Y. Adischev, K. Artemov, K. Afanasiev, V. Bespalov, A. Gogolev, A. Vukolov, I. Kurkan, S. Polevin, A. Potylitsyn, V. Ryzhov, and I.Tropin
The Powerful Nanosecond Duration Electron Beam Effect on the Crystalline Tungsten Target

10:15-10:30 A. Cianchi (on behalf of SPARC team)
The Status of the SPARC Project

Coffee break (20 min)

Session: S4.1 – Channeling & Crystal Collimation
Chair: W. Scandale

10:55-11:25 R. Carrigan, Jr.
Muon Channeling and the Need to Investigate Negative Particle Channeling and Collimation /invited/

11:30-11:45 V. Tikhomirov, V. Guidi, and A. Mazzolari
New Possibilities to Facilitate Collimation of Both Positively and Negatively Charged Particle Beams by Crystals

11:50-12:05 S. Hasan
CRYM: a Crystal Channeling Emulation Code Based on the Latest Experimental Data

12:10-12:25 N. Gordillo, R. González-Arrabal, and D. Martín y Marero
A Study of the Coulomb Explosion of High Energy Ions by Comparing Computing Simulations and Experiments

Lunch (1h 30min)

Session:Video-Session "Erice-Fermilab":

S4.2 – Channeling & Crystal Collimation
Chair: U. Uggerhřj / R. Carrigan

W. Scandale
Bent Crystals in the LHC: A Way to Improve the Collimation Efficiency in Modern Hadron Colliders /invited/

V. Guidi, S. Baricordi, P. Dalpiaz, M. Fiorini, and A. Mazzolari
Observation of High-Efficiency Axial Channeling of High-Energy Protons in a Bent Crystals /invited/

D. Still
T-980 Status (2008 Fermilab Crystal Collimation Workshop) /invited/

... the following presentations were shifted in time to the next session...

Coffee break (20 min)

Session: S4.3 – Channeling & Crystal Collimation
Chair: V. Guidi

 Y. Kunashenko, and Y. Pivovarov
Creation of Relativistic Positronium Atom by Relativistic Axially Channeled Electron

 A. Redondo-Cubero, K. Lorenz, N. Franco, S. Fernández-Garrido, R. Gago, E.Muńoz, and E. Alves
Influence of Steering Effects on Ion Channeling Determination of Strain in GaN-based Heterostructures

E. Tsyganov  *** details by request ***
Thermal Equilibrium of Light Ions in Heavy Crystals

M. Vysotskyy, and V. Vysotskii
Parametric Channeling and Collapse of Beams of Charged Particles in Crystals

Juby George, and A. Pathak
Dechanneling of Positrons by Dislocations: Effects of Anharmonic Interactions

G. Tolstolutskaya
Analysis of Lattice Distortion by Dechanneling

V. Zvorykin, A. Ionin, S. Kudryashov, A. Levchenko, A. Molchanov, L. Seleznev, D. Sinitsyn, and N. Ustinovskii
Plasma Channels in Air Produced by UV Laser Beam: Mechanisms of Photoionization and Possible Applications

18:00-19:00 Poster Session 2 Chair: D. Hampai / L. Quintieri

PS2-1. The Possibility of Acceleration of the Charged Particles in Low Temperature Acoustoplasma A.S. Abrahamyan, A.R. Mkrtchyan, and R.B. Kostanyan
PS2-2. Computer Simulations of Experiments on Resonant Coherent Excitation of Ar17+ Ions under Planar Channelling A.A. Babaev, and Y.L.Pivovarov
PS2-3. Optimization of Relativistic Electron Diffracted Transition Radiation Yield S.V. Blazhevich, and A.V. Noskov
PS2-4. New Experimental Results with Optical Diffraction Radiation Diagnostics E. Chiadroni, M. Castellano, A. Cianchi, K. Honkavaara, and G. Kube
PS2-5. Observation of Dynamical Maxima of Parametric X-Ray Radiation For 20 MeV Electron Energy Beam G.K. Khachaturyan, A.R. Mkrtchyan, and A.H. Mkrtchyan
PS2-6. Coherent Creation of Antihydrogen Atoms in a Crystal Y.P.Kunashenko
PS2-7. Fabrication of Crystals for Channeling of Particles in Accelerator A.Mazzolari, S.Baricordi, V. Guidi, G. Martinelli, D. Vincenzi, and M.Ferroni
PS2-8. Transition Radiation of Relativistic Electrons on Acoustic Superlattice in Amorphous Media A. Mktrtchyan, V. Kocharyan, Z. Amirkhanyan, G.Khachaturyan, and A. Movsisyan
PS2-9. Resonant Coherent Excitation of Relativistic Hydrogen-like Uranium Ions in a Silicon Crystal at FAIR: a Computer Simulation A. Babaev, K.Klimova, and Y. Pivovarov
PS2-10. The Comparison of Monochromatic X-ray Sources Based on X-ray Tube and 5 MeV Microtron A.S. Gogolev, S.I.Kuznetsov, A.P. Potylitsyn, Yu.A. Popov, S.R.Uglov, A.V. Vukolov, A.R. Wagner, V.N. Zabaev, and I.V. Zaitsev
PS2-11. Structural Investigations of ZnO Thin Films Grown by Reactive Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering at Different Substrate Temperatures A.Redondo-Cubero, M. Vinnichenko, M. Krause, and R. Gago
PS2-12. Synchrotron Radiation from a Charge Moving Along Helical Orbit Around a Dielectric Cylinder A.A. Saharian, A.S. Kotanjyan
PS2-13. Coherent Pair Production in Crystals in Presence of Acoustic Waves A.R. Mkrtchyan, A.A. Saharian, and V.V. Parazian
PS2-14. Hard Photons Powerful Radiation of Electron Bunch Interacting with Plasma Beat Waves A.Shamamian, and L. Gevorgian
PS2-15. LABSYNC: A Project to Develop a European Facility Based on a Table-top Synchrotron Light Source G. Di Domenico, A. Franconieri, M.Gambaccini, M. Marziani, A. Taibi, A. Tartari, and J.P. Locquet
PS2-16. Increase of Probability of Particle Capture into the Channeling Regime by the Buried Oxide Layer V. Guidi, A. Mazzolari, and V.V.Tikhomirov
PS2-17. Smith-Purcell Radiation from an Ideal-Conducting Grating Disposed on a Dielectric Layer A.A. Tishchenko, D.V. Karlovets, A.P. Potylitsyn, and M.N. Strikhanov
PS2-18. Studies and Application of Bent Crystals for Beam Steering at 70 GeV IHEP Accelerator A.G. Afonin, V.T. Baranov, G.I. Britvich, V.N. Chepegin, Yu.A. Chesnokov, V.I.Kotov, V.A. Maisheev, V.I. Terekhov, and I.A. Yazynin

Wednesday, October 29

Session: S3.4 - Novel Sources: PXR & TR & DR & FEL & Plasma
S5.1 – X-Ray Channeling & X-Ray Optics & Applications
Chair: K. Chouffani

9:00-9:30 I. Endo, M. Tanaka, and T. Yoshimura
Introduction of Small Accelerators in Student Laboratory for Engineering Education /invited/

9:35-10:05 J. Fernandez, V. Scot, D. Sivieri, and A. Guidetti
Selective Amplification of X-rays in the Energy Range 30-70 keV /invited/

10:10-10:40 P. Wobrauschek, and C. Streli
X-ray Fluorescence Analysis with Ultimate Sources, Optics and Detectors – Applications and Results /invited/

10:45-11:15 K. Tsuji, M. Yamaguchi, and T. Yonehara
Feasibility of X-ray Energy Filtering by Using Polycapillary X-ray Optics /invited/


Thursday, October 30

Session: S5.2 – X-Ray Channeling & X-Ray Optics & Applications
Chair: P. Childs

9:00-9:30 F.F. Komarov, and A.S. Kamyshan
Time And Angular Distributions Of Ions Transmitted Through Insulating Capillaries /invited/

9:35-9:50 S. Pogossian
Neutron Number Enhancement in Uranium Thin Film Waveguides

9:55-10:10 Y. Pivovarov, A. Babaev, K. Korotchenko, Y. Kunashenko, and T. Tukhfatullin
Schwinger Scattering of Neutron Beam in Aligned Crystal and by Crystal Surface

Coffee break

Session: S2.1 – Channeling Radiation & Related Phenomena
Chair: X. Artru

10:55-11:25 H. Backe, W. Lauth, P. Kunz, and U.I. Uggerhřj
Advances in Electron and Positron Channeling Studies /invited/

11:30-11:45 W. Lauth, H. Backe, P. Kunz, and U.I. Uggerhřj
Channeling Experiments with Electrons at the Mainz Microtron MAMI

11:50-12:05 R. Chehab, X. Artru, M. Chevallier, T. Kamitani, T. Omori, L. Rinolfi, V. Strakhovenko, T. Suwada, A. Variola, and A.Vivoli
A Positron Source Using Channeling in Crystals for Linear Colliders

12:10-12:25 L. Gevorgyan
Intense Quasi-Monochromatic Directed X-Ray Radiation of Planar Channeled Positron Bunch

Lunch (1h 30min)

Session: S3.5 - Novel Sources: PXR & TR & DR & FEL & Plasma
Chair: I. Endo

14:00-14:30 H. Nitta
Diffracted Channeling Radiation and Other Compound Radiation Processes /invited/

14:35-15:05 L. Gizzi, et al.
Laser-Plasma Acceleration: First Experimental Results from the PLASMONX Project /invited/

15:10-15:25 D. Giulietti (on behalf of PLASMON-X team)
The Status of the PLASMONX Project

15:30-15:45 X. Artru, and C. Ray
Acceleration and Radiation in a Helical Cavity


Coffee break (20 min)

Session: S3.6 - Novel Sources: PXR & TR & DR & FEL & Plasma
Chair: L. Serafini / S. Dabagov

16:10-16:25 Y. Hayakawa, K. Hayakawa, M. Inagaki, T. Kuwada, K. Nakao, K. Nogami, T.Sakai, I. Sato, Y. Takahashi, and T. Tanaka
Geometrical Effect of Target Crystal on PXR Generation as a Coherent X-ray Source

16:30-16:45 V. Malyshevsky
Effect of Heavy Ion Charge Fluctuations on Cherenkov Radiation

16:50-17:05 G. Mazzitelli, B. Buonomo, F. Murtas, L. Quintieri, and P. Valente
The Dafne Beam Test Facility

17:10-17:25 G. Naumenko, A. Potylitsyn, L. Sukhikh, and Y. Popov
Experimental Investigation of Smith-Purcell Radiation Focusing by Using the Parabolic Periodical Targets

G. Naumenko
Surface current on the diffraction radiation target measurement

20:00 Social Dinner

Friday, October 31

Session: S5.3 – X-Ray Channeling & X-Ray Optics & Applications
Chair: W. Wagner

9:00-9:30 P. Childs, S. Ong, D. Herbert, and A. O’Neill
X-ray Propagation in Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes /invited/

9:35-9:50 A. Ciorba, V. Guglielmotti, S. Orlanducci, V. Sessa, F.Toschi, M.Terranova, M. Lucci, F. Odorici, L. Malferrari, R. Angelucci, R. Rizzoli, G. Veronese, M. Rossi, and D. Hampai
Electron Sources Based on the Field Emission Properties of Carbon Nanotube Systems Organized at the Micro- and Mesoscopic Scale

9:55-10:10 V. Vysotskii, and S. Adamenko
Surface Channeling of Magnetic-Charged Particles on Multilayer Surface: Part-I

10:15-10:30 V. Vysotskii, and S. Adamenko
Surface Channeling of Magnetic-Charged Particles on Multilayer Surface: Part-II

Coffee break (20 min)

Session: S2.2 – Channeling Radiation & Related Phenomena
Chair: H. Nitta

10:55-11:25 W. Wagner, B. Azadegan, H. Büttig, L. Grigoryan, M.Sobiella, and J. Pawelke
Probing Channeling Radiation Influenced by Ultrasound /invited/

11:30-11:45 B. Azadegan, L. Grigoryan, and W. Wagner
Treatment of Planar Channeling Radiation under the Influence of Ultrasound

11:50-12:05 V.R.Altapova, O.V. Bogdanov, and Yu.L. Pivovarov  Slowing Down of Relativistic Heavy Ions in Radiator: Influence on Angular Distribution and Total Yield of Cherenkov Radiation

12:10-12:25 D. Lietti, D. Bolognini, P. Dalpiaz, M. Fiorini, V. Guidi, S. Hasan, A.Mazzolari, R. Milan, M. Prest, E. Vallazza, and A. Vomiero
Study of the Radiation Emitted by Low Energy Electrons and Positrons in Bent Crystals


Lunch (1h 30min)

Session: S2.3 – Channeling Radiation & Related Phenomena
Chair: G. Mazzitelli

14:00-14:30 A. Solov'yov, A. Korol, A. Kostyuk, and W. Greiner
Crystalline Undulator: Theoretical Advances /invited/

14:35-15:05 A. Pathak, J. George, and A. Solov’yov
Effects of Dislocations on Positron Channeling in a Periodically Bent Crystal /invited/

15:10-15:25 A. Korol, A. Kostyuk, A. Soov'yov, and W. Greiner
On the Feasibility of an Electron-Based Crystalline Undulator

15:30-15:45 A. Kostyuk, A. Korol, A. Solov'yov, and W. Greiner
Radiation from a Modulated Positron Beam in the Crystalline Undulator


(S. Dabagov, X. Artru, R. Avakian, H. Backe, V. Baier, R. Carrigan, I. Endo, A. Pathak, W. Scandale, N. Shul'ga )





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