FlaviaNet Mini-Workshop on Kaon Decays
Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, 18-19 May 2007
Meeting Agenda
[all contributions are 18' (talk) + 7' (discussion)]
Friday 17:00-18:40

17:00 G.D'Ambrosio (Napoli): Th. progress on K->pi pi gamma
17:25 M.Raggi (LNF): Exp. status of K->pi pi gamma
17:50 A.Marrocco (Roma-3): A new analysis of Kl3 radiative corrections
18:15 A.Dreucci (LNF): New exp. results on Kl3-gamma

Saturday 09:30-13:00

09:30 C.Smith (Bern): Th. progress on rare K decays
09:55 M.Ortel (Meudon): Chiral CKM mixing
10:20 H.Neufeld (Wien): Electromagnetic contributions to Kl3 decays

10:45 Coffee break

11:10 M.Moulson (LNF): Exp. status of Kl3 decays Before Kaon 2007
11:35 J.Stern (Orsay): What can be learned comparing K+l3 & K0l3
12:00 H.Bijnens (Lund): The Kl3 form factor at O(p^6)
12:25 A.Juettner (Southampton): New ideas for Kl3-decays on the lattice

13:00 Lunch - end of the Workshop