Instructions for BTF users

  • Access: Guest status (Ospite): An external user working at the BTF needs an authorization from the LNF Director in order to get the Guest (Ospite) status by producing the required documents.
  • Installation/Run: Experimental activities (Attivita' sperimentale) authorization: for performing activities of experimental apparata installation and run, you need an additional authorization for experimental activities

Please take note that for accessing the BTF facility you need an experimental authorization, also if you are a LNF staff member or associate.

For BTF users a dedicated simplified procedure has been organized, as explainded below.

Please, take note that the BTF area is not classified as "zona controllata (controlled area)" from the point of view of radiation protection, thus users do not need an individual dosimeter or film-badge.


Simplified procedure for BTF users

  • Step 1

    The Group Leader(*) has to provide via e-mail ONLY to the address: at least 6 working days before the date of arrival the complete list of the participants (LNF personnel MUST be included).
    For instance, for a standard shift starting on Monday, the LAST moment for sending the list is on Fridday, two weeks before.
  • Step 2

    The Group Leader MUST CHECK that all participants provide or check the hospitality documentation.
    For those who are not LNF Personnel (Employees, Guests or Associate), it is MANDATORY to:
    • download and fill the BTF application form;
    • send it to Ufficio Utenti Esterni at least 3 working days before the BTF shift day of start, only by e-mail to the following e-mail address:
      For instance, for a standard shift starting on Monday, the VERY LAST moment for all the documentation to be sent is Wednesday at 16:00.
    For those who are not INFN Personnel (Employees, Guest or Associate), it is ALSO MANDATORY to:    
  • Step 3

    Participants who have submitted a new application can check the status of their application.
    For any problem please contact the "Ufficio Utenti Esterni" (tel: +39 06 94032303/2508).
  • Step 4

    Participants (without a INFN badge) should apply, upon arrival, for a badge going to Bldg. 30 at the ground floor on the right, looking for Mr. CERRONI or Mr. ORLANDI office. Every day from Monday to Friday, from 10:30 to 11:30.

    Please, take not that INFN personnel holding a INFN badge (from any INFN unit) do not need to apply for a LNF badge

  • Step 5

    WiFi Internet Access

    Please, take note that INFN staff - employees, guests or associates with a standard INFN authentication - can use their INFN digital certificate/INFN credentials to have access to INFN WEB WiFi at LNF. Otherwise they can use dot1x WiFi or eduroam.

  • Guest House

    In the Frascati Laboratories a Guest House is available. If you wish booking a room for your test-beam period, please follow this link
    LNF contact person: Maria Rita Ferrazza


(*)The Group Leader is the requester of the beam-time, as listed in the final schedule

Check the status of your access documentation

  • You can check whether you are registered on the LNF Database as a BTF group member on the Complete List of people who have access as members of BTF group.
  • Your Group Leader can skip Step 1 for you if in the column Access1 or Access2 you see: Experiments; this means you have access privileges for experimental activities to the LNF grounds until the date written next to it. If not, this should be requested by the Group Leader (Step 1).
  • If you do not appear at all in the Complete List maybe you are registered as a member of a group different from the BTF. Search below on your last name.

    If you do not appear here Step 1. and Step 2. are compulsive.

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