The DAFNE Beam-Test Facility (BTF) is a beam transfer line designed for the optimized, stochastical production of single electrons/positrons for detector calibration purposes, or the extraction of the DAFNE LINAC electron/positron beam.
Beam characteristics (spot size, divergence, momentum resolution), are strongly depended by multiplicity (number of particles/spill) and energy requested. Energy range, pulse duration, beam intensity and duty cycle can be limited by DAFNE collider operation.

BTF parameters
Energy Range 25-750 MeV e-/e+
Repetition Rate 1-50 Hz
Pulse Duration 1.5 - 40 ns
Particles/Pulse 1 to 1010 particles


BTF Schedule and Beam Request
    Beam-time request
      New requests for September-December 2015 (after the summer shut-down), will be evaluated by the Users Committee in June.
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Users Committee

The BTF experimental hall

    F. Casarin M. R. Ferrazza M. Giabbai

BTF Staff in 2011
(from the left: Bruno Buonomo, Giovanni Mazzitelli, Paolo Valente, Luca Foggetta, Lina Quintieri)