BRUKER Hyperion 3000 IR-Microscope



IR-Microscope parameters and setup (click for the pdf optical layout)

Spot size  40 μm with 15X objective
Spatial resolution
 diffraction limited

 Visible 8X, IR 15X, 36X, ATR 20X


 MCT (area 250 µm, energy range: >550 cm-1 )

 MCT (area 50 µm, energy range: >550 cm-1 )

 Si Bolometer 1.6 K (Energy range: 5 -35 cm-1)

 Si Bolometer 4.2 K (Energy range: 10 -700 cm-1) 

 Purging box Plexiglas
 Windows KBr, CsI, Polyethylene
 Polarizers MIR-FIR
 Working distance 24 mm (OB 15X)






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