Experimental setup and available instruments




CryostatsARS LT3 Helitran (He-flow)

T= 4K - 500K

Horizontal orientation 

Z-positioning (2” run)

Sample rotation 360° 

Rm3 (Nitrogen cooled)T= 80K - 500K
High PressureDiamond Anvil Cell

Gas membrane DAC

0-30 GPa

Room T

Ruby fluorescence setup

100mW laser @532 nm

30X objective WD=30mm 

Spark erosion system

Reflection units

Bruker A510 Specular reflection unit

Incidence angle: 11° 
 Bruker A513/Q Variable angle unit

Incidence angle: 13°- 85° (grazing

to normal incidence)


Harrick 'Praying Mantis'

Diffuse reflection unit

Liquid cell

Bruker A140 Demountable vaccum

tight cell

Windows: ZnSe, Quartz, Polyethilene

Variable spacers (0.006 - 0.25 mm)

ATR objective Ge crystal100 µm contact area
 Ultra pure Ge for FPA detector100 µm contact area
ATR unit Diamond crystal 
Polarizers MIR, FIR 

Bruker A121 Automatic rotational

unit for polarizers

FPA detector 

64x64 pixels

GPixel size: 40 µm

Nominal pixel resolution: 2.6 µm 

(15X) - 1.3 µm (36X)

Spectral range: 900-6000 cm-1 

(Ge window) 







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