New Reflections in the solar system, a new CSN5 Interdisciplinary Experiment (2016-2018)

SPRINGLETS Italy-USA endorsed by MAECI (2016-2018)

INFN-LNF S. Dell’Agnello (RN) for the SCF_Lab INFN-Napoli G. Esposito (RL), E. Battista, A. Grado INFN-TIFPA W. Burger (RL), R. Battiston (0%), A. Cafagna, M. Durante, I. Lazzizzera, E. Scifoni, P. Spinnato

R&D Innovations:
  • Laser Retroreflectors for Asteroids & Comets
    • Space Surveillance & Tracking (H2020), AIM-DART Mission
    • Laser redirection/deviation of asteroids
  • Laser retroreflectors for Phobos & Deimos
    • Mars center of mass for General Relativity
  • Lagrangian-point Laser-ranging Gravity Explorer
    • Earth-Moon system, L1; collaboration with INFN-Napoli
  • Laser reflectors for Geodetic Reference Antenna in SPace

Asteroids/Comets (NEO, Near Earth Objects)

  • COSPHERA to be dropped on asteroid (watch for escape velocity)
  • Build COSPHERA to launch it with ESA ‘Asteroid Impact Mission’ (observation of Double asteroid)
  • NASA ‘Double Asteroid Redirect Test’

Demonstration of Laser-Ablation Propulsion (LAP)

  • Redirect asteroid with TIFPA Italian laser (LAP)
  • Measure ToF to reflectors on asteroid with OPTEL-D

Phobos/Deimos surface reflectors

  • PANDORA: Phobos ANd DeimOs laser Retroreflector Array
    • Reconstruct Mars center of mass to test General Relativity
  • GR test improvements with an MGN in the long term:
    • PPN Gamma (Sun-Mars)
      • Shapiro time delay with Viking landers in the 1970s
    • Gdot/G, 1/r2 law at 1.5 AU
      • PPN beta (Sun-Mars-Jupiter) not competitive with Moon
    • SW: PEP (Planetary Ephemeris Program) by Shapiro, Chandler