XI Workshop on Resistive Plate Chambers and Related Detectors


RPC2012 Workshop

The XI workshop on Resistive Plate Chambers and Related Detectors (RPC2012)  will take place at the INFN Laboratories of Frascati.

RPC2012 continues the tradition of regular scientific meetings, first started in 1991 at Lecce, with following editions in Roma, Pavia, Napoli, Bari, Coimbra, Clermont-Ferrand, Seoul, Mumbai, Darmstadt.

The RPC detection technique has found large application in LHC detectors and in astroparticle physics experiments.


The workshop will focus on performance of large RPC systems, ageing and detector materials studies, electronics for RPCs, physics of basic processes in the gas, timing applications, new ideas for RPC detectors.

The workshop will have invited reviews and selected contributions, as well as a poster session.

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