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Fifty years ago, the first electron-positron storage ring in the world, the Anello di Accumulazione (AdA), started operating in Frascati at INFN National Laboratories. AdA had been conceived by the Austrian-born theorist  Bruno Touschek, who, in February-March 1960, put  forward a project, which had been rapidly approved. Built in less than one year by a team of engineers, technicians and physicists, some of whom had just completed the construction of a powerful electron synchrotron of 1100 MeV, AdA was brought to operation in February 1961. 
To celebrate this historic milestone, the Italian Frascati National Laboratories of INFN and the French Laboratoire de l’Accélérateur Linéaire d’Orsay, where AdA was successfully operated as a collider for the first time, are jointly organizing a workshop entitled "1961-2011 from AdA to SuperB" as a special event in the series "Bruno Touschek Memorial Lectures".
The workshop will be held in Frascati on December 1st. The programme is divided in two parts: the first, targeted to the scientific community, is dedicated to the history of electron-positron collisions and to the new SuperB project; the second part will take place in the beautiful settings of Scuderie Aldobrandini in the town of Frascati and will consist of a seminar on SuperB tuned to the general public. Thanks to the Mayors of Frascati and Orsay, a scientific twinning between the two cities will be established.

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