Current Documents

SPARC_LAB report at the closed session. M. Ferrario, 24 May 2016 (.pptx)
KLOE2 report at the closed session. A. Di Domenico, 24 May 2016 (.pdf)


LNF overview by the director. P. Campana, 24 November 2015
AMADEUS (Statement of Interest Letter), 10 November 2015
INFN-LNF Accelerator Division Staff & Commitments - A. Ghigo, May 2015
INFN-LNF Research Division Technical Resources Availability - F. Bossi, May 2015
Summary of the What's Next LNF meeting to the 48 SC meeting - F.Bossi, Nov 2014
Pictures of 48th SC Meeting, LNF Nov 2014
Review of the scientific program proposed by the Panda Collaboration - 21 November 2012
About the schedule of the SuperB project - 21 November 2012
SuperB presentation of R. Petronzio in the closed session - 6 June 2012
ECFA/08/257 Report on the INFN Super Flavour Factory Project
SIDDHARTA-2 the kaonic deuterium case
PRE-F&R to M Calvetti
IKON & Cover Letter IKON
FINUDA collection for the 39th SC
Kaium at DAFNE (LNF-08/21(IR))
Report from KLOE referees on KLOE-2 meeting at LNF, 22 April 2008
P. Raimondi, DAFNE status and plans, CSN1, 07/04/2008
C. Milardi, Crab waist experiment results, ICFA Novosibirsk, 14/4/2008
Request from the FINUDA collaboration for data taking in 2008
Proposal from the FINUDA collaboration dor data taking in 2008
Status report on FINUDA Analysis
NIM article: DAFNE monitored by FINUDA
A proposal for the roll-in of the KLOE-2 detector (LNF-07/19(IR))
S. Miscetti, KLOE-2: Motivations and preparation for a step-0, CSN1, 07/04/2008
AMADEUS Phase-1: Physics, setup and roll-in proposal (LNF-07/24(IR))
Letter of Intent for DANAE
Dafne Note G-63: Machine requirements for an energy upgrade (Circulated to Committee at 31st Meeting)
Report of the Working Group on Future Activities at LNF
Pre-Letter of Intent for an experiment to search for deeply bound kaon-nuclear states at DAFNE2 (AMADEUS). Circulated at 31st Meeting
Letter of Intent for AMADEUS
Pre-Letter of Intent for an experiment to measure nucleon form factors in the timelike region at DAFNE2 (DANTE). Circulated at 31st Meeting
Addendum to DANTE
FINUDA 2006 - 2007
LNF Annual Reports
LNF Road Map
Letter of Intent for KLOE-2
Prospects for e+e- physics