How to register the first time...

Tari users, before coming to the LNF, should register using the TARI REGISTRATION FORM (mandatory). The registration consists of some information, mostly requested by the EC, other requested by our administration, including the arrival and departure dates and housing request. The codes used are those listed in the application form guidelines. The Project Number must be specified (it can be found on the page of approved projects or asked to the group leader). Some personal data (Name, Family Name, home Institution and e-mail) and the schedule of visits at LNF will be visible on the web. All the other data will be used only for the purpose of this contract. The registration password and the Project Number will be communicated to the group leaders.

... and what to do for the next visits

TARI REGISTERED USERS should send information about next visits as soon as possible. This will be possible by searching and updating their own record (with a personal password submitted by the user the first time he/she registers).


  • Passport or Identity Card.
  • Italian Fiscal Code (contact Daniela Ferrucci in order to obtain the Italian Fiscal Code before your arrival in Frascati).
  • Any receipts related to the travel to Frascati.
Furthermore, foreigners must have complied with Italian immigration and visa requirements.


  • At their arrival at the LNF, TARI users will be given a provisional visitors badge at the main INFN entrance.
  • In order to register as LNF guests and do the requested burocracy, they should contact the TARI Secretariat:

    Daniela Ferrucci
    Building n.1, Ground Floor
    Servizio Alta Formazione

  • After completion of the procedure of hospitality at LNF, carried out together with the Visitors Office, guests will receive an identification badge from the General Services. The visitors badge must be returned to the guards.

  • According to the Italian law, foreigners must apply for a permit of stay (permesso di soggiorno) at the Police Station (Questura), within 8 days from their arrival. A copy of the receipt released by the Police Station must be given urgently to the Visitors Office.

  • Tari users will have free access to the LNF structures and services.


In order to comply with the Grant Agreement requirements and TARI management, the Group Leader should:
  1. contact the head of the facility which his/her project refers to, in order to agree the most convenient periods to carry out the project at the LNF;
  2. inform all the members of his/her group about the on-line registration as TARI users, giving them the Project number and the password received via e-mail;
  3. send a Summary Report containg the Project achievements in the following occasions: before the USP meetings (see the "Calls for Proposals" for the dates), at the end of the project for the periodic Activity Report;
  4. fill the on-line questionnaire, at the end of the project;
  5. published results obtained within the EU programme, should explicitly quote the Grant Agreement under which the results have been obtained.
    We acknowledge the support of the European Community-Research Infrastructure Integrating Activity “Study of Strongly Interacting Matter” (acronym HadronPhysics3, Grant Agreement n. 283286) under the Seventh Framework Programme of EU.
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