• Oct 8, 2019

DAΦNE (Double Annular Φ-Factory for Nice Experiments) is a world-class electron-positron collider at the Frascati National Laboratories of INFN (LNF-INFN) in Italy.
The DAΦNE accelerator complex includes a double ring lepton collider working at the c.m. energy of the φ-resonance (1.02 GeV) and an injection system.
The two independent rings, each ∼ 97m long, share two 10 m long interaction regions. A full energy injection system, including an S-band linac, a 180 m long transfer line and an accumulator/damping ring, provides fast and high efficiency e+/e- injection also in topping-up mode during collisions. DAΦNE is a multi-bunch accelerator, with 120 bunches/beam, with a peak luminosity of 3×1032 cm-1 s-1 and an integrated luminosity of 18 pb-1 /day.

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DAΦNE delivers charged and neutral kaon beams, aimed to a broad physics programme, ranging from CPT violation, rare decays and quantum mechanics, which have been studied with the KLOE2 experiment, to precision kaonic atoms measurements with the SIDDHARTA-2 experiment, which will be installed on DAΦNE in 2019 for a data taking campaign extending in the coming years. A new experiment, PADME (Positron Annihilation into Dark MAtter Experiment) aims to search for the "dark photon" by detecting the products of the annihilations of the positrons from the DAΦNE linac on a fixed target.