:: Fixed Target Program at the LHC

Spin2023, Durham (USA)

:: Ideas for a PGT in a dedicated setup in the LHC

Physics Beyond Collider WG, CERN 2023

:: Polarised physics at LHC: the LHCspin project

Sar Wors 2023, Cagliari 2023

:: Fixed Target and Heavy-Ion Results at LHCb

Lishep23, Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) 2023

:: Spin Physics with LHCspin

Lishep23, Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) 2023

:: LHCspin (SMOG3): considerations for IP8

Velo-II Upgrade workshop, Amsterdam (Netherland) 2023

:: Polarised physics at the LHC

Epiphany conference, Krakow (Poland) 2023

:: Status of the LHCspin project

QaT2023+ - Fixed target experiment at LHC, Aussois (France) 2022

:: Fixed target experiments at LHC

Opportunities with JLab Energy and Luminosity upgrade, Trento 2022

:: The LHCspin project

PSTP22, Mainz (Germany) 2022

:: LHC fixed target experiments


:: Fixed targets at LHC

APCPT, Kyungpook (Korea) 2022

:: First 2022 SMOG events in LHCb

Physics Beyond Collider WG, CERN 2022

:: Fixed targets at LHC

Transversity, Pavia 2022

:: Spin and 3D structure

DIS2022, Santiago de Compostela (Spain) 2022

:: LHCspin: status and perspectives

CPHI2022, Durham (USA) 2022

:: Fixed Target Experiments at the LHC

H2020 Annual Meeting, Nantes (France) 2021

:: The LHCspin project

Panic 2021, Lisbon

:: LHCb Fixed-target results and prospects (panel)

Hadron 2021, Ciudad de Mexico

:: The SMOG2 project

H2020 FTE@LHC, CERN 2021

:: Gaseous targets at LHCb

Physics Beyond Collider, CERN 2021

:: The LHCspin project

SPD NICA Jinr, Dubna 2020

:: The LHCspin project

Correlations in Partonic and Hadronic Interactions CPHI, CERN 2020

:: LHC Run 3 and Run 4 prospects for heavy-ion physics with LHCb

Quark & Matter, Wuhan (China) 2019

:: Fixed targets at the LHC

MSO5, Lushan (China) 2019

:: Probing hadron structure with a gas Fixed Target at LHCb

CEA Saclay (France) 2019

:: Physics opportunities with SMOG2

Implications of LHCb measurements and future prospects, CERN 2019

:: Experimental prospects with polarised fixed targets at LHC

Exploring Matter with Precision ..., Chia (Italy) 2019

:: An unpolarised and polarized target at the LHC: where we are

Kick off, Ferrara 2019

:: Internal gas targets at the LHC

PNPI, Garchina (Russia) 2019

:: LHCb fixed target results and prospects

IS2019, Columbia Univ., NYC (US) 2019

:: Future of fixed-target physics at LHCb

CERN 2019

:: LHCb as a fixed-target experiment

Physics Beyond Colliders, CERN 2019

:: Heavy ion and fixed target results at LHCb

MPI, Perugia (Italy) 2018

:: Spin physics at the LHC

Institute of Nuclear Physics, Seattle (US) 2018

:: Internal gas target experiments at the LHC

SPIN2018, Ferrara (Italy) 2018

:: Polarized fixed target at LHC

Physics Beyond Colliders, CERN 2017

:: W and Z production at the LHC

Transversity 2017, Frascati (Italy) 2017

:: A proposal for an polarised gaseous target @LHC

Physics Beyond Colliders, CERN 2017

:: Nuclear Physics at the Electron-Ion Colliders

Secondo incontro sulla fisica con ioni pesanti a LHC, Torino (Italy) 2017

:: Nuclear Dynamics probed in Electron-Ion scattering at TeV energies

European Physical Society, Venice (Italy) 2017

:: Impact of Particle Physics on education

European Physical Society, Venice (Italy) 2017

:: A proposal for a polarised gaseous target @LHCb

CERN Seminar 2017

:: 3DPDF: Future Perspectives

3D Parton Distributions: path to the LHC, Frascati (Italy) 2016

:: The ALICE Inner Tracking System

XII Quark Confinement and the Hadron Spectrum – Tessaloniki (Greece) 2016

:: Upgrade of the ALICE Inner Tracking System

32 Winter Workshop on Nucleon Dynamics – Guadalupe (France) 2016

:: Particle identified jet studies in ALICE

7 International Conference on physics and astroparticle of quark gluon plasma – Kolkata (India) 2015

:: Il tracciatore interno a stato solido per l’upgrade di ALICE

101° Congresso della S.I.F. - Rome (Italy) 2015

:: Highlights from the LHC

Nucleon Structure at Large Bjorken x – Frascati (Italy) 2014

:: Jet Physics at the LHC as probe of the QGP

Quark Confinement and the Hadron Spectrum XI – St.Petersburg (Russia) 2014

:: ScienzaPerTutti: pionieri nella divulgazione scientifica per studenti ed insegnanti

Comunicare Fisica - Naples (Italy) 2014

:: Didattica nei LNF: l'esperienza di formazione per insegnanti e studenti

100° Congresso della S.I.F. - Pisa (Italy) 2014

:: Jet Physics with ALICE at the LHC

International Conference on New Frontiers in Physics - Kolymbari (Greece) 2013

:: ALICE Masterclass on Jet Quenching

International Conference on New Frontiers in Physics - Kolymbari (Greece) 2013

:: INFN Nuclear physics activities

JINR - Dubna (Russia) 2013

:: Probing the medium with hard probes in ALICE

Heavy Ion Collisions in the LHC Era - Qui Nhon (Vietnam) 2012

:: ALICE in the Early Universe Wonderland

Exploring the X-ray Universe, NASA-SLAC (USA) 2011

:: The ALICE experiment at the LHC

INFN Winter Institute, Frascati (Italy) 2011

:: Hadron formation in cold nuclear matter

Nuclear Chromo-Dynamic with a future Electron Ion Collider (EIC) – Argonne (USA) 2010

:: Jet Capabilities in the HI environment at the LHC

High Density QCD at LHC – Santiago de Compostela (Spain) 2009

:: Alice: l’esperimento e la fisica

LHC: la fisica, la macchina e gli esperimenti - Ischia (Italy) 2009

:: Fisica Elettrodebole e QCD: overview sperimentale

IFAE09 - Bari (Italy) 2009

:: Semi-inclusive measurements of nuclear hadronization: an overview

Nuclear Medium effects on the quark and gluon structure of hadrons – ECT* Trento (Italy) 2008

:: Space-Time Evolution of the Hadronization Process

XLVI International Workshop on Nuclear Physics - Bormio (Italy) 2008

:: Nuclear Attenuation & pt-broadening in DIS at HERMES

HEP2007, European Physical Society – Manchester (UK) 2007

:: Medium Modification of Fragmentation Functions

XI International Conference on Nuclear Physics – Havana (Cuba) 2007

:: Lo scienziato deve comunicare? Breve decalogo autoredatto

Comunicare Fisica 2007 – Trieste (Italy) 2007

:: Parton Propagation in Cold Nuclear Matter

Jet physics in heavy-ion collisions at the LHC – ECT* Trento (Italy) 2006

:: The spin of the nucleon

International School on High Energy Physics – Itacuruca (Brasil) 2006

:: What we could learn from lepto-production in nuclei

47 Workshop of the INFN Eloisatron Project – Erice (Italy) 2005

:: Experimental results on the in-medium hadronization and quark energy loss

Parton propagation through strongly interacting matter – ECT* Trento (Italy) 2005

:: Spin Physics

QCD@Work 2005 - Conversano (Italy) 2005

:: The status of the Spin Physics. Experimental review

DIS 2005 - Madison (USA) 2005

:: Recent Results from HERMES

Wissenschaftlicher Ausschuss - Hamburg (Germany) 2004

:: Spin structure of the nucleon

QCD 04 – Montpellier (France) 2004

:: The spin of the nucleon

Electron-Nucleus Scattering VIII – Marciana Marina (Italy) 2004

:: The spin of the nucleon: experimental results and future perspectives

The II PANDA physics workshop – Frascati (Italy) 2004

:: Hadron suppression in deep-inelastic-scattering

Quark Matter 2004 – Oakland (USA) 2004

:: Nuclear medium effect in deep-inelastic scattering hadronization processes

Electromagnetic Interactions with Nucleons and Nuclei - Santorini (Greece) 2003

:: Latest results at HERMES: Transversity and Pentaquark

PRC – DESY (Germany) 2003

:: The spin of the proton

Charm, Beauty and CP – Frascati (Italy) 2002

:: Hadron formation in nuclei at HERMES

LightCone 2002 - Los Alamos (USA) 2002

:: Hadron formation in DIS in a nuclear environment

XL International Winter Meeting on Nuclear Physics - Bormio (Italy) 2002

:: Nuclear effects at HERMES

American Physical Society – Maui (USA) 2001

:: Tagging the Collins fragmentation function at HERMES

Transverse Spin Physics – Zeuthen Berlin (Germany) 2001

:: Nuclear medium effects at HERMES

Lepton Scattering, hadrons and QCD – Adelaide (Australia) 2001

:: Measurement of pion multiplicities and hadron Pt in DIS at HERMES

DIS 2001 - Bologna (Italy) 2001

:: Spin azimuthal asymmetries in semi-inclusive pion production at HERMES SPIN 2000

Osaka (Japan) 2000

:: Hadron attenuation in nuclei

DIS 2000 - Liverpool (England) 2000

:: Pion electroproduction and nuclear attenuation at HERMES

Hadronic Physics with High Energy Electromagnetic Probes – Valencia (Spain) 2000

:: HERMES results on the spin structure of the nucleon

XXXVII International Winter Meeting on Nuclear Physics - Bormio (Italy) 1999

:: Misura dello spin del nucleone con l’esperimento HERMES

LXXXIV Congresso della S.I.F. - Salerno (Italy) 1998

:: Elettroproduzione di mesoni nel deep inelastic scattering ad HERMES

LXXXIII Congresso S.I.F. - Como (Italy) 1997

:: Produzione semi-inclusiva di π0 ed η in Hermes

LXXXII congresso S.I.F. - Verona (Italy) 1996

:: Application of neural networks to the analysis of HERA physics with the H1 apparatus

Neural Networks: from biology to high energy physics - Elba (Italy) 1994

:: Identificazione di jet di quark (leggeri, pesanti) e di gluoni in fotoproduzione a HERA

LXXX Congresso S.I.F. – Lecce (Italy) 1994

:: Applicazione di Reti Neuronali alla fisica di HERA con H1. Separazione della fotoproduzione diretta e risolta

LXXX Congresso S.I.F. - Lecce (Italy) 1994

:: Artificial Neural Networks applications to the photoproduction processes at H1

Neural Networks : from biology to high energy physics - Elba (Italy) 1992


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