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Hello again,

I've just received another ad:

This ad was added on January 19, 2000:
                 Postdoctoral Position
                Physikalisches Institut
                  Universitaet Bonn
The opening is in the high energy physics group carrying out research in
ATLAS/LHC (pixel detector) and OPAL/LEP. The groups activities and
responsibilities in ATLAS are FE-chip development, assembly and testing of
pixel modules, participation in mechanics and preparation of physics
analysis. Part of the production of the pixel detector will be done in 
Bonn. In OPAL the current main research focus is Higgs and electroweak
analyses using LEP II data and tau physics analyses with LEP I data. The
group possesses a state of the art silicon and ASIC laboratory and
necessary infrastructure. Applicants are expected to be interested in
detector development as well as in physics analysis and should participate
in one or more of the above activities. A contribution to teaching and
supervising of students is expected at the usual level. The candidate will
be based at Bonn University with frequent visits to CERN. A Ph.D. in
experimental particle physics is required.  Applications and further
information:  Prof. N. Wermes, Physikalisches Institut der Universitaet
Bonn, Nussallee 12, 53115 Bonn, Germany