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Subj:	POSTDOC Position in BABAR

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Subject: POSTDOC Position in BABAR
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Usha Mallik asked me to send the following ad to you.

Best regars,



        POSTDOC Position in BABAR 

        The experimental HEP group of University of Iowa working on BABAR is
looking for a postdoctoral fellow with a Ph.D. in particle physics.The BABAR
experiment has already collected 2 fb-1 data since June 1999, and expects to
collect 10 fb-1 leading to the first hint of 
CP violation. The Iowa group has had major responsibilities in 
BABAR DAQ system and primary responsibility for trigger online.
The group, which presently consists of three postdocs and two graduate
students, has successfully implemented the Level 1 trigger (DAQ/Online)
and major parts of the Dataflow and Level 3, and is now mounting a 
serious effort on physics analysis. A basic knowledge or experience 
with C++/OOAD is desirable. S/He is expected to take a leadership 
role in analysis. An excellent leadership opportunity also exists 
in the trigger upgrade effort of BABAR. The successful candidate 
is expected to be stationed at SLAC, and can start soon. Salary 
will be commensurate with experience. Applicants should initially 
send a short summary (by e-mail or telephone) of their interest, 
past experience, and names of at least three referees to:

                 Professor Usha Mallik
                Dept of Physics and Astronomy
                The University of Iowa
                Iowa City, IA 52242

N.B. The University of Iowa is an equal opportunity employer;    
women and minorities are encouraged to apply.