Participants are invited to register online by filling the following Registration Form

The fee must be paid in Euro (€) to the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare - Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati by bank transfer or credit card (and by "storno", for INFN participants only).

  • Early registration and payment (by April 18th):
350,00* €
  • Late registration and payment (by May 10th): 
430,00* €

* VAT included (22%)

    Payments with credit card must be done through the following web form:
    (accepted cards: Visa and Mastercard; suggested browsers: Firefox and Internet Explorer)

    Beneficiary: INFN - LNF Congressi e Foresterie
    Via E. Fermi, 40 - I00044 Frascati
    IBAN: IT 31 Q 02008 39105 000102577662
    code BIC-SWIFT: UNCRIT M 1385
    reason for payment: Vulcano2018, registration fee of "participant's name and family name"

    - since the bank transfer takes several days, a copy of the bank transfer receipt should be sent to the workshop secretary:
    - the bank transfer commission is at the sender's expense;

  • Important information:
    participants must specify in the registration form all the billing details, necessary to prepare a correct fee receipt or invoice; they are invited to check with their administration if the fee must be invoiced to the institute or if it can be invoiced to the participant name. If the fee must be invoiced to the institute it is necessary to provide us with all the required information well in advance:
    - Exact name of the Institute,
    - VAT/P.IVA,
    in addition for Italian Institutes only:
    - C.U.U. (Codice Univoco Ufficio),
    - SPLIT Payment.

  • STORNO INFN (INFN participants only)
    The registration fee of INFN participants will be paid through an internal transfer among INFN sites. Other forms of payment will not be accepted. Further information can be obtained from the local INFN administrative offices.


  • by April 30th: full refund minus VAT and 20 € as handling fee
  • by May 14th: 50% of registration fee will be refunded
  • after May 14th: no refund will be possible

The registration desk at the Therasia Resort, will open on Sunday May 20th, at 6:00 pm.