Excellence in Detectors and Instrumentation Technologies

INFN - Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, Italy  October 20-29, 2015


Tuesday Oct. 27, 2015 19:00

A Poster Session devoted to student's activities will be held along with the EDIT 2015.

Posters should describe students' present/past scientific work, which is not necessarily related to detectors and instrumentation technologies.

The students selected are invited to submit here by September 30th a short abstract of the poster they will present at the school.

Posters will be placed in the entrance hall of the Bruno Touschek Auditorium, where the lessons will take place (Bldg. n. 36).

Format and installation
The recommended format is A0 (84x119 cm, 33.1x46.8 in, portrait). The necessary tools (tape, cutters, etc.) and help for installation will be provided by the local organization. We invite presenters to bring the poster already printed (if necessary, there is a printing shop nearby).

Poster session
Posters should be installed on Monday afternoon 26th. The title and ID of your contribution will be indicated on top of each panel. The poster session is scheduled for Tuesday at 19:00. A jury, composed by tutors and teachers will proclaim the best poster. Presenters are invited to stand beside the poster to illustrate the content to interested people.
A light dinner will be offered to all participants.

Winners of the Best Poster Award

André Cortez (LIP, Coimbra, Portugal)
for the poster entitled: Multi-Grid High-Pressure Gas Proportional Scintillation Counter - A New Approach

Merlin Rossbach (HISKP, Bonn University, Germany)
for the poster entitled: A test station for submodules of the forward endcap of the PANDA electromagnetic calorimeter

Andrea Russomando (INFN, Rome, Italy)
for the poster entitled: Development of intraoperative β - probes for RGS

The Award Committee
Laura Baudis
Alessandro Boni
Pasquale Di Nezza (Chair)
Enrico Pasqualucci
Veronique Puill

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