Excellence in Detectors and Instrumentation Technologies

INFN - Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, Italy  October 20-29, 2015


Please note that in order to have access to the LNF network and connect to the Internet, participants must authenticate with a username and a password.

In order to get a username and a password from LNF, non-INFN participants should register in advance, filling in the form at this LINK.

Don't worry about the security warning. You should add gosrv.lnf.infn.it between the security exceptions of your browser clicking on the warning page "I understand the risk" then "Add Exception...". If you are surfing with Mozilla Firefox here is a guide.

Upon completion, you will receive your "guest card" with your login data by email.
The name of the wi-fi network to which you will be able to connect is "INFN-WEB".

This won't be necessary, if the partecipants have already eduroam credentials.

For further information, please read the document Access to LNF Network.

INFN participants will be able to connect using their INFN certificate or the username and password used to access the network at their INFN Division (for information see the TRIP documentation).

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