Regina d'un trono stupendo 
    fiabesco, incantato, 
    che regni nel verde più verde 
    che affaccia sul mare 
    sognante e monella tu vegli 
    e vegliando fai luce 
    al palpito d'onde che bacia la spiaggia 
    con labbra d'amanti, 
    sapore d'immenso 
    sei forse universo? 
    Conosco il tuo mondo ch'è tanto diverso 
    da quello vissuto lontano 
    nei giorni d'affanno 
    però tutti sanno 
    sei storia, cultura, bellezza, natura, 
    sei cielo, sei mare, sei vento, sei vanto, 
    tu isola eterna 
    tu faro che accendi le splendide perle 
    nel ventre flessuoso dei ricchi fondali. 
    Non sei solo un nome 
    sei limpida pace, sei bella e procace, 
    sei madre, sei fata, 
    energica e dolce 
    vestita di luna 
    certezza, fortuna, 
    sei unica: Ischia! 

Channeling 2018 will take place in Ischia of the island Ischia, the largest island in the Gulf of Naples, is located 40 km from Naples (which a smart ferry crosses in an hour) and 7 km from the continent. Ischia is divided into several districts: Ischia, Barano, Casamicciola, Forio, Lacco Ameno and Serrara.

Venue & How to get to the conference

Channeling 2018 will take place in the Ischia island, the province of Naples. The town Ischia as well as the island Ischia is in the region of Naples and make a convenient base for travellers using public transport.

The meeting venue for the period of September 24-28 the Hotel Continental Ischia is placed in Ischia (Via Michele Mazzella, 70, 80077 Ischia (NA), phone: +39 081 333 6111). The conference hall, where all week working sessions will be held, is placed at the hotel. In a Mediterranean-style complex amid gardens, this upscale spa hotel is 1.4 km from the Spiaggia dei Pescatori beach, and within 2.1 km of the medieval Castello Aragonese and the ferry port for sailings to Naples.

The conference will start with the Channeling Primer session and followed at the end of the session by welcome mixer on Sunday afternoon September 23 at the Castello Aragonese (Ischia) (Via Pontile Aragonese, 80070 Ischia (NA), phone: +39 081 992834). Aragonese Castle is a medieval castle next to Ischia, at the northern end of the Gulf of Naples, Italy. The castle stands on a volcanic rocky islet that connects to the larger island of Ischia by a causeway.

Ischia is situated in the Gulf of Naples in Southern Italy, around 30 kilometres (18 miles) from the nearest city, Naples. The island is served by ferries and hydrofoils that connect it to ports in Naples and Pozzuoli, which is just a little further north. Naples is a major city and transport hub for the south of Italy and is well-served by a modern airport, various shipping ports and a healthy transport infrastructure including trains, buses, trams and taxis.

From Naples you have a choice of either ferry or hydrofoil for the crossing to Ischia, the ferry takes around an hour and a half while the hydrofoil is slightly faster and takes about an hour depending on which port in Ischia you plan to arrive at.
Detailed information on various option for travelling to Ischia is available via, for instance, the following link .

Additionally to common public service to get to the island Ischia and the venue hotel, the participants could reserve personal transfer to the hotel from the Naples airport and railway station contacting directly the hotel Continental Ischia

Transfer Reservation Form [pdf]


Ischia is an island of very suitable size, not large or small. On the boat, you can swim for 2 hours. He is alive and breathing: in the middle of the island the mountain of the extinct volcano Epomeo rises, and hot springs are being struck from the earth. In them, even the ancient Greeks bathed, in the 3rd century BC. Now they are mostly in the ownership of hotels or thermal parks.

According to legend, the island of Ischia appeared during the battle of Jupiter with the Giants: Jupiter tore off a huge piece of tufa from the volcano Etna and threw it into the hated Typhon. A piece of rock fell into the sea near the Gulf of Naples. The thermal springs of Ischia, according to legend, have a healing power, because they are tears of love of the gods in which the nymphs settled.

Presently, Ischia, divided into two territories - Ischia Porto and Ischia Ponte, is distinguished by its rich tourist life. There are many hotels of different categories, commercial centers, discotheques, nightclubs, taverns, restaurants, boutiques. And also - beautiful sandy beaches, magnificent pine and chestnut groves. In the Bay of Kartaromana, thermal spring springs and create natural natural baths along the shore, and there is also the thermal garden "Eden Gardens". The symbol of the island is the majestic Aragonese Castle, towering next to Ischia-Ponte.

Casamicciola is a small and quiet seaside town, which is famous for its thermal park "Castile Gardens". For more than a hundred years, it has taken the leading place among the thermal resorts of the island. Lacco Ameno is the smallest city on the island, interesting with its church of Santa Restituta, the local archaeological museum and, where without it, the thermal park "Gardens of Negombo".

Forio is the biggest city of the island, with a large shopping center and thermal park with the pompous name "Poseidon Gardens". The gardens of Poseidon are the largest and most popular thermal park in Ischia. It is located slightly to the south of Forio and occupies half of the citadress of Citara. The bay is very elongated, along the sea stretches a sandy beach, which is bounded from the land by a high rock wall. Serrara is a small town with a small fishing village of Sant'Angelo, located right by the sea. It is very beautiful: small houses of all shades of pink, stylish hotels, narrow streets, churches and cathedrals, small shops, restaurants, taverns and pizzerias. In the neighborhood there are thermal parks "Tropical", "Apollo and Aphrodite". Barano is the bay of Maronti with the island's best beach, distillery, trekking, the healing spring Nerodi in the village of Buonopane, the forest oasis of Cretejo with the source of Bucheto.


Ischia is characterized by a borderline Mediterranean and humid subtropical climate. It has moderate winters and summers are quite warm.

With its position in the Gulf of Naples, Ischia enjoys a typical mid Italian climate of long, hot summers and mild winters. The highest temperatures occur in July and August where the mercury can reach as high as 38-40° Celcius which is around 100° Fahrenheit.

During September, as well as the months May, June, July and October, you will experience pleasant weather with a nice average temperature. Many people choose the slightly cooler months of June or September where temperatures average anywhere from 25-30° Celcius (77-86° Fahrenheit), and there is generally more space everywhere such as on the beaches and at the thermal water parks.

Eating in Ischia

Ischia’s cuisine is full of special dishes that are prepared with typical regional and island products. Before the boom in the 1960s, Ischia was a rather poor island, with an economy that was based on fishing and agriculture. The island’s older inhabitants remember eating bread and onions in this period, or “pane sotto ‘e fasule”, stale bread softened with the sauce made from cooking beans. Another typical characteristic dish that we can still find in the restaurants of Ischia, is pesce all’acqua pazza, which was once prepared with the leftovers of fish that were stuck to the hook and cooked with garlic, chili pepper and parsley, and which is now prepared with the better parts of anchovies, sardines and mackerel. However, the island’s most famous typical dish is coniglio all’ischitana, cooked with a ditch rabbit, i.e. a rabbit that is bred in a ditch by the farmers until it is full size and that is then cooked in white wine, garlic, cherry tomatoes and chili pepper and served on Sundays. This tasty recipe is so popular that the ancient technique of breeding the rabbits has been maintained to guarantee the high quality of the meat.

Travelers with a love for food who visit Ischia will not be disappointed by the “autarchic” cuisine where the dishes are full of fresh, genuine and strictly local ingredients.

Fish in Ischia does not disappoint. There are many ways to buy it fresh, directly in fish-shops or at the paranza (trawler) when fishermen come back from the sea. Typical of the island are macaroni with sea food, linguine with sea-urchins and different species of local fish served in many ways: marinated, cooked in the oven, with spaghetti. The paranza fry is very famous: a lot of fried little fish of different species depending on what fishermen found. Usually they bring basses white breams, giltheads, little tuna, crayfish, calamari, squids and langoustes that enrich the menu of restaurants and agritourisms.


Treasures of Ischia

Volcanoes, sunrises, wine. Geysers, mountains, harbors. Serpentine, sun, spritz. The sea, music, ice cream. Cosmetics, climate, kitchen. History, art, sources. Parks, beaches, hiking. Sunsets, castle, health. Boats, lemons, love ... That's what comes to my mind right away when it comes to Ischia.

The offers are lined up as flamboyant as island roads! Memories crowd one another - an evening on an empty beach, a walk in the rain in a tropical garden, apero in a bar overlooking the sea and the castle ...

If you are tired body and soul, you want to take a break from worries and troubles, be alone with nature and poke in the crowd in the southern market, find yourself by the sea, and that mountains and tasty food, wander through sultry streets and find coolness in a modest church on the edge of the cliff , plunge in turns into the hot and icy springs and feel like anew born ... Then that's what you need to do. Arrive in Naples, take a white boat, climb the open deck, enjoy fresh breezes and landscapes, and in an hour you step on the island's moorage, where all this is.

"All covered with greenery, absolutely the whole" island of Ischia is called the island of youth and beauty. It is of volcanic origin, so there are underground geysers, which now and then find cracks to release their steam and healing springs with a water temperature of 10 to 90 degrees. In places where there are many such sources, large thermal complexes have been built. Almost all hotels have swimming pools with thermal water or even their own thermal mini-parks.

In the center of the island are three extinct volcanoes, the highest of the Monte Epomeo - the "mountain attracting clouds", 788 m. And below the sea are towns and villages, between which along the coastline is laid the ring road. In which direction you do not go, sooner or later you'll get where you need to go. And where it is necessary, then? The island is divided into six districts. And you know, they are all so different! And even the microclimate in different parts of the island is different. It would seem, as it is possible on such a small island - 46 square km? Each town has its own face, each commune has its own differences and no monotony!

There are many wonderful islands in the world, but what makes the island of Ischia unique is its underground treasures - fumaroles and geysers. Their magic properties were first appreciated by the ancient Greeks, who arrived on the island in the 7th century BC. And the Romans who came after them created the first hospitals on the island. Here valiant warriors recovered their wounds, preserved the beauty and youth of a woman, children and old people got rid of illnesses.
Now people come from all over the world to the island to plunge into the magical waters of mineral springs and get rid of bodily and spiritual ailments. thanks are for you, Ischia, to whom a fair wind has brought me rejoicing with dear friends from soiled productive cities...

Wystan Hugh Auden




Important dates

Abstract submission:
by July 7, 2018
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by July 10, 2018

Hotel reservation:
by July 15, 2018
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early: by July 15, 2018
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