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Any contribution on a subject within the conference topics is welcome. Authors are requested to online submission of the abstracts no later than June 30, according to the instructions on this page. Authors will be informed on both acceptance of their contributions and kind of presentations (oral or poster) by July 5.

Abstracts of all accepted contributions will be published in the Book of Abstracts, which will be distributed to all participants during registration. Please, note that only abstracts of registered participants will be included in the book of abstracts and in the proceedings as well.

For the abstract submission, please, go to the web address at the URL (or use just a link):

N.B. If you do not have already an account at the INDICO system, first you have to create your own account that will be unique everywhere and valid for further personal use.

Once you are logged in to the site to submit the abstract choose "New Submission", and then compile all necessary fields. The title with the list of authors and the short abstract in plain text should be completed in the reported form to provide necessary information to the organizers to define scientific program of the conference. The abstract form limits your short abstract to 100 words.

Once you have submitted one or more papers, you can access to your submission/s as well as edit or add corrections or upload a new version of your abstract(s) until the abstract deadline.

Additionally the abstract must be submitted as doc-file or LaTeX-file according to the Channeling 2018 template (doc and LaTeX formats are available on the page Downloads & Dates). Please notice that the abstract length must be limited to one A4 page as indicated in the template. Once ready, please, send the abstract as attached file/s via e-mail


List of Accepted Contributions

*** Preliminary Timetable ***

*** Advance Program***

The scientific program of the conference will include invited presentations by the experts in the field of the Channeling 2018 topics, selected oral presentations, and poster sessions.

The conference will start with the Channeling Primer session on Sunday, September 23 afternoon at the Parrocchia di Santa Maria delle Grazie in S. Pietro Ischia (Corso Vittoria Colonna, 191, 80077 Ischia (NA), phone: +39 081 991398) a newly redesigned for the meetings large underground capacity of cylindrical shape - a real "channel" - in the past the store of drinking water for the island, and followed at the end of the session by welcome mixer at the Castello Aragonese (Via Pontile Aragonese, 80070 Ischia (NA), phone: +39 081 992834). The Primer session will include some formal greetings by the Organizers together with the officials of the Comune di Ischia.

The participants are invited to take part in two mini-workshops to be held within the Channeling 2018 scientific program:

  • The X International Mini-workshop "AGTaX 2018: Advance Generation of THz and X-rays using compact accelerators" Chairs: A. Aryshev (KEK), A. Tishchenko (MEPh), I. Konoplev (Univ. Oxford)

      The workshop will focus on generation and characterization of THz and X-ray radiations while the detailed program will be formed upon general conference agenda finalization hoping to bring together different communities working on the simulation, generation and experimental investigation of high-brightness THz and Compton X-ray beams.

  • Channeling in Plasma Physics by Laser and Applications (PPLA) Chairs: R. De Angelis (ENEA Frascati), D. Giulietti (Univ Pisa), V. Nassisi (Univ. Salento), L. Torrisi (Univ. Messina).
    • There are many similarities between the channeling phenomenon in crystals and in laser produced plasmas. They concern not only the very low attenuation of laser pulses propagating in channeled plasmas, but also the emission of X and gamma radiation produced by electrons propagating in low electronic density plasma channels, produced by the intense ponderomotive forces associated to super-intense and ultra-short laser pulses. These and other innovative phenomena, like solitons in liquid cristal, will be presented in the workshop.

On Monday, September 24, morning the scientific program will start at the Sala Congressi of the Hotel Continental Ischia, and continue through the week with a mixture of oral and poster sessions, as well as specialized round tables. The program will be concluded by the closing session Friday, September 28.

After lunch on Wednesday, September 26 there will be an excursion, and the conference dinner is planned on Thursday, September 27 evening.

*** Preliminary Timetable ***

*** Advance Program***

Sunday, September 23


Welcome Party

Monday, September 24


Technical Sessions

Tuesday, September 25

Technical Sessions

Wednesday, September 26

Technical Sessions 


Thursday, September 27

Technical Sessions

Social Dinner


Friday, September 28

Technical Sessions



tentative timetable



*** Preliminary Timetable ***

*** Advance Program***


Overhead, slide and video projector linked to a PC will be available. In case of PC presentation the files of the PowerPoint (or pdf) format should be loaded t the PC provided by the organizers before the session of the talk. You may bring your own computer; however, the accessibility should be checked before the session of your report.

Posters should be presented during the whole working day of your poster session defined by the technical program. The size of the display area for a poster is 80 cm in width and 100 cm in height.


Important dates

Abstract submission:
by July 7, 2018
Abstract acceptance:
by July 10, 2018

Hotel reservation:
by July 15, 2018
(participants are requested to secure a room reservation as soon as possible)

early: by July 15, 2018
late: since July 16 by September 30, 2018

Application for Student / Young Scientist's support:
by May 31, 2018

Manuscript submission:
to be ready for submission before December 1, 2018