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The Workshop aims to get together 30-40 experts and young researchers, theoreticians and experimentalists, working in the field of Quantum Mechanics.

Hot items, especially focussed on the Open Problems in QM, will be discussed and critically analysed. New and not so new solutions to the open problems will be put forward or reviewed, and recent experimental results shown.

At the end of the Workshop, it is hoped that new experimental proposals and theoretical ideas could emerge, and stronger collaborations, to become more and more active in shaping the future of this field, formed.

The Workshop is organized in the framework of the MIUR PRIN 2008 program, 2008LH2X28, “Open problems in quantum mechanics: theoretical and experimental aspects of the transition micro-macro” and sponsored by the COST Action 1006, “Fundamental problems in Quantum Physics and by the "EU FP7 HadronPhysics3 Integrating Activity, Contract No. 283286"


Organizing Committee

  • Angelo Bassi, University and INFN Trieste
  • Catalina Curceanu, INFN-Frascati
  • Bassano Vacchini, Universiti and INFN-Milano
  • Pierantoni Zanghi, University and INFN-Genova

Local Committee

  • Alberto Clozza, INFN-Frascati
  • Catalina Curceanu, INFN-Frascati
  • Marco Poli Lener, INFN-Frascati
  • Alessandro Rizzo, INFN-Frascati
  • Alessandro Scordo, INFN-Frascati

Donatella Pierluigi, secretary

Phone: +06 94032317   Fax +39 0694032559