6.0 Using Text Editor

Text Editor is the default editor for HP VUE. when the text editor icon on the Front Panel is chosen, Text Editor is invoked. Text Editor is appropriate for small editing tasks such as writing memos and editing resource files.

The Text Editor window contains:

Other text editors available on the system are Emacs, Vi, Vuepad,JetEdit, Pico, XCoral, and XEdit. This chapter will cover Text Editor only.

6.1 Starting and Stopping Text Editor

Text Editor is readily accessible from many locations in HP VUE.

Once Text Editor starts, the tablet area is ready to receive text entry or edits.

6.1.1 To start Text Editor

From the Front Panel

From File Manager

From a terminal emulator

vuepad filename &
The file name is optional.

6.1.2 To close Text Editor

  1. Save the open document.
  2. Choose Exit from the File menu.

6.2 Opening and Saving Documents

Opening a document displays the contents of a selected file in the tablet area. You can open new or existing documents.

Saving a document stores the edited contents into a file. You can save a document to its original file or to a new file.

6.2.1 To open a new document

New documents are titled Text Editor - (unnamed).

6.2.2 To open an existing document

From Text Editor

  1. Choose Open from the File menu to display a dialog.
  2. Enter or select the document name.
  3. Choose OK.

The Open File dialog lists files and directories on your system. You can browse the lists to locate a file.

From File Manager

6.2.3 To save a document

To a new file

  1. Choose Save As from the File menu to display the Save As Dialog dialog box.
  2. If you used word wrap, choose whether or not to add newline characters to the end of word-wrapped lines.
  3. Supply the complete file name in the Save File As field.
  4. Choose OK.

To the original file

Your edited document is automatically saved to its original file. If you used word wrap, you'll be asked whether or not to add newline characters to the end of word-wrapped lines.

6.3 Entering and Editing Text

As you crate a document, you enter and edit text. A text cursor shows your current position, and a marker(^) shows where you last edited, inserted , or selected text.

6.3.1 To enter new text

6.3.2 To turn on/off word wrap

When word wrap is on, typed words continue onto the next line when the cursor nears the right edge of the tablet.

Using word wrap affects how you save your document. When saving, you can:

6.4 Formatting and Printing Documents

Once your editing is complete, format your document by choosing margins and justifications

6.4.1 To format a document

  1. Choose Settings from the Format menu.
  2. Enter margins and select justifications.
  3. Do one of the following:

To use the settings after the dialog box is closed, choose Paragraph or All from the Format menu.

Choose format settings in the Settings dialog.

6.4.2 To print a document

  1. Open the document in Text Editor.
  2. Choose Print from the File menu.

The document prints on your system's printer.

The file can also be printed by dropping its icon into the printer icon.


Text files can only be printed on the line printer in the EE computer lab in CSE. The laser printer in Benton will not print text files.