Frascati is located about 20 Km south-east of Rome, about 40 Km west of the Rome Fiumicino Airport "Leonardo da Vinci". The National Laboratories of Frascati are in 40 Enrico Fermi street, about 2 Km away from the Central Station of Frascati and 150 m from the Tor Vergata Station.


  • From Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport to Roma Termini central railway station: take the "Leonardo Express" train; departing every 30 minutes; the journey takes about 35 minutes; tickets are available at the Airport station and cost 14,00 Euro.
    For more informations see Trenitalia site.
  • From Ciampino Airport "Giovan Battista Pastine" take a bus (Schiaffini Travel or ATRAL) to reach the Ciampino Railway Station (tickets cost 1,10 Euro).
  • From Termini and Ciampino Railway Stations take a train to Frascati or to Tor Vergata Stations (see details in "travelling by train/bus").
  • Otherwise, you can take a taxi from the Airport to Frascati (licensed white or yellow cabs are strongly advised). From Fiumicino the distance is about 30 km and the taxi fare amounts to approximately 70,00 Euro. From Ciampino the taxi fare is approximately 40,00 Euro.
  • From "Roma Termini" to Frascati-LNF: take the train Roma-Cassino (FM6 line) and get off at "Tor Vergata" (second stop, close to LNF. The journey takes about 20 minutes. The LNF are at 150 mt up hill on E. Fermi Street. Tickets are available at tobacconist's shops and newspapers kiosk and cost 1,50 Euro
  • From "Roma Termini" to Frascati downtown: take the train Roma-Frascati (FM4 line).
    Tickets are available at tobacconist's shops and newspapers kiosk and cost 2,10 Euro. It stops about 2 km far from LNF and it is possible to take a taxi to LNF. 
    Otherwise from "Roma Termini" take the Underground - line A (tickets cost about 1,50 euros) to the "Anagnina Station", then a bus (COTRAL) to Frascati (nearly every 30 minutes). Tickets are available at tobacconist's shops and newspapers kiosks.
  • From Ciampino Railway Station to Frascati: you can take a train on both lines, to Tor Vergata (FM6 line)(1,50 Euro) or to Frascati downtown (FM4 line) (2,10 Euro).

    NOTE: remember to validate your ticket before you get on the train.
    Taxi fare from Termini Station to Frascati amounts to approximately 52,00 Euro.

Take the exit 21-22 of the "Grande Raccordo Anulare" and follow the indications to Frascati, driving on the Tuscolana state highway. After about 8 km, take Enrico Fermi Street, located on the left of the Tuscolana. An INFN sign, put in the left corner of the Tuscolana and Enrico Fermi Street intersection, will indicate the direction. The LNF will be at about 0,7 km.

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