EURODAPHNE Midterm Review Meeting

Frascati, 29-30 September 2000

  • Presentation:

  • The EURODAPHNE Midterm Review Meeting will be held in Frascati (Italy) on the 29th and 30th of September 2000 under the supervision of the EEC Project Officer Dr. Gerburg Larsen.
    The  Midterm Review consists of a two days meeting and is one of the contract obligations we have to fulfill in the best possible way.

  • Midterm Review Report:

  • The EURODAPHNE Midterm Review Report is already available for consultation.

  • Midterm Review Meeting Program:

  • The EURODAPHNE Midterm Review Program is already available.

  • Useful information:

  • Useful information about the LNF (how to get Rome, Frascati and the LNF; train timetables from Rome airport to Rome and from Rome to Frascati, bus timetables from Frascati to LNF; phone book for contacting people; etc.) is available here .

    A secretariat phone number 2701 (from the LNF) or 0694032701 (from outside) is at your disposal for information about the Midterm Review Meeting during the meeting days.

    The EURODAPHNE web page is also available for information regarding to the EURODAPHNE network (project overview, different nodes, available graduate and postdoctoral positions, workshops organized by the collaboration, recent papers, etc.).

  • Guidelines for EURODAPHNE young researchers:

  • Young researchers should follow the following guidelines .