Author/s: Cristina Aiftimiei, Paolo Andreetto, Sara Bertocco, Simone Dalla Fina, Alvise Dorigo, Eric Frizziero, Alessio Gianelle, Moreno Marzolla, Mirco Mazzucato, Massimo Sgaravatto, Sergio Traldi, Luigi Zangrando
Title: Design and Implementation of the gLite CREAM Job Management Service
Report: INFN / TC_09 / 3
Date: 05-05-2009
PACS: 89.20.Ff Computer Science and Technology
Pubblished on:
PDF File: INFN-TC-09-3.pdf
Abstract: Job execution and management is one of the most important functionality provided by every modern Grid middleware. In this paper we describe how the problem of job management has been addressed in the gLite middleware by means of the CREAM and CEMonitor services. CREAM (Computing Resource Execution and Management) provides a job execution and management capability for Grid systems, while CEMonitor is a general-purpose asynchronous event notification framework. Both services expose a Web Service interface allowing conforming clients to submit, manage and monitor computational jobs to a Local Resource Management System.


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