Author/s: Paolo Andreetto, Sergio Andreozzi, Antonia Ghiselli, Moreno Marzolla, Valerio Venturi, Luigi Zangrando
Title: Standards-Based Job Management in Grid Systems
Report: INFN / TC_08 / 6
Date: 09-10-2008
PACS: 89.20.Ff; Computer Science and Technology
Pubblished on:
PDF File: INFN-TC-08-6.pdf
Abstract: In this paper we review some recent standards which address interoperability for three important Grid services: the BES/JSDL
specifications for job submission and management, the SAML notation for authorization and authentication, and the GLUE specification for resource modeling. We describe how standards-enhanced Grid components can be used to form interoperable building blocks for a Grid architecture, and describe how existing Grid software components have actually been re-engineered to support these specifications. From this experience we draw some conclusions on the strengths and weaknesses of the standards, and how they can be improved to address some of the issues we encountered.


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