Author/s: Sergio Andreozzi, Moreno Marzolla
Title: A Restful Approach to the OGSA Basic Execution Service Specification
Report: INFN / TC_08 / 4
Date: 22-09-2008
PACS: 89.20.Ff
Pubblished on:
PDF File: INFN-TC-08-4.pdf
Abstract: The~\\ac{BES} specification has recently been proposed by the~\\ac{OGF} as the standard job submission and management
interface across different Grid middlewares. This specification defines a~\\ac{WSDL} interface for creating, monitoring and
managing computational jobs (called activities), and for querying the capabilities of the~\\ac{BES} service itself. In this paper, we propose an alternate incarnation of the~\\ac{BES} functionalities according to the~\\ac{REST} architectural style. We
describe the mapping of the~\\ac{BES} operations in terms of HTTP actions on resources. We compare the~\\ac{REST} formulation of~\\ac{BES} with the standard WS-based one. We show that all~\\ac{BES} operations can be expressed in a very natural way using the standard HTTP protocol and following the~\\ac{REST} approach; moreover, we present useful extensions that are expected to appear in the near future.


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