Monday, July 19th - h. 15:00

Aula edif. 22 Fisca del Nucleo


Simonetta Liuti
University of Virginia, Physics Department


Impact parameter dependent distributions in exclusive processes



Within hard scattering approaches, high energy exclusive reactions are expected to be dominated by small hadronic transverse size configurations.
A possible experimental validation of this picture can be obtained by studying the phenomenon of color transparency, that is by monitoring the passage through the nuclear medium of such small separation components. However, current interpretations of the onset of color transparency are still ambiguous.
We discuss a new tool given by generalized parton distributions in the impact parameter representation, to better constrain the size and role of small transverse separations components in hadronic structure.
We also analyze the relation between transverse momentum components and transverse separations.



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MCD, 22/1/2003