Postdoc Opportunities at SMU and on BTeV

Southern Methodist University

Postdoctoral Positions in Experimental Particle Physics

The experimental high energy physics group at Southern Methodist
University seeks outstanding applicants for two postdoctoral Research
Associate positions. Applicants should have a Ph.D. in high energy

One of the successful candidates will participate in the new BTeV
experiment at Fermilab, a second generation B factory emphasizing CP
violation and rare B decay measurements. SMU is assuming major
hardware responsibilities for the experiment's straw tube forward
tracker and the candidate is expected to play a vigorous role in its
development.  The group currently participates in the CLEO experiment
and some CLEO data analysis is possible. The candidate will be based
in Dallas.

The other successful candidate will participate in the ATLAS
experiment at the LHC and be based mainly at CERN. SMU has been
responsible for the fast digital optical links of the Liquid Argon
Calorimeter and is now focusing on software and physics analysis
development. Experience in C++ would be an asset. The candidate will
also have the opportunity to participate in the analysis of CLEO data
and test beam activities of ATLAS calorimeter modules.

Please send a full CV and three letters of recommendation to:

         Ms. Carol Carroll
         RA Search Rm 2A
         Physics Department
         Southern Methodist University
         Dallas, TX 75275

email: carol@mail.physics.smu.edu

Southern Methodist University will not discriminate
on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin,
sex, age, disability or veteran status.

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