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Dear Colleagues,
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Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 20:38:07 -0500
From: Aesook Byon-Wagner <byon@fnal.gov>
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Subject: Scientist position in MINOS at Fermilab Particle Physicis Division


It would be very appreciated if the following message
can be posted to the OPERA collaboration.

                    Thank you very much.
                    Aesook Byon-Wagner


The Main Injector Oscillation Search (MINOS) Department in the
Fermilab Particle Physics Division has an opening for a scientist
to take a leadership role in construction and physics analysis of
the experiment. Strong participation in the detector or beam line
construction will provide the successful candidate with an
opportunity to optimize the experimental conditions and will
provide the understanding of hardware systematics essential to
the analysis.  This scientist will develop tools necessary to
properly analyze neutrino interactions in the MINOS detectors.
MINOS is expected to begin data taking in late 2003.
The position is for a tenure track Associate Scientist or a
tenured Scientist I, depending on qualifications and experience.

A Ph.D. in experimental particle physics.  Experience in analyzing
complex data sets.  Demonstrated ability to lead in the
construction or analysis of an HEP experiment.  Experience in
neutrino physics is not required but is a plus. For consideration
as a Scientist I, a candidate should have previous experience
at the Associate Scientist (or Assistant Professor) level and
must have demonstrated outstanding ability to lead construction
and/or analysis efforts.

Applications should be received by November 1, 2000.  Applications
including a curriculum vitae, a statement of interest, and a list
of three references should be sent to:

MINOS Scientist Appointment Search Committee
     Attn: Dr. Aesook Byon-Wagner, MS220
     Fermilab, P.O.Box 500
     Batavia, Il 60510.

Fermilab is an equal opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.