Job Opportunities on CLEO/ATLAS (fwd)

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Dear colleagues,

    I would greatly appreciate if you can bring the following
advertisement in Physics Today to the attention of interested

Best regards,
K.K. Gan


                HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS

The experimental high energy physics group at The Ohio State
University invites application for a postdoctoral research
associate position with our CLEO/ATLAS program.
In the CLEO program, we are involved in both the ongoing data
analysis effort in heavy flavor physics and the CLEO III
upgrade program where we have major responsibilities for the
design and implementation of the silicon vertex detector
and the data acquisition system.  For the ATLAS program,
we are involved in the design and prototyping
of the optical electronics and packaging for the pixel detector.
Interested candidates should send a  letter of application,
vitae, list of publications, and three letters of
recommendation to
Professor K.K. Gan
The Ohio State University
Department of Physics
174 West 18th Avenue,
Columbus, Ohio 43210-1106
or e-mail:
The Ohio State University is an equal opportunity employer
and we actively encourage applications from women and
minority candidates.

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