SINBAD Publications 2007




Bolesta, S. Velgosh, Yu. Datsiuk, I. Karbovnyk, V. Lesivtsiv, T. Kulay, A.I. Popov, S. Bellucci, M. Cestelli Guidi, A. Marcelli, M. Piccinini

“Optical, infrared and electron-microscopy studies of (Cdi)n metallic clusters in layered CdI2 crystals”

Radiation Measurements  42, 851-854 (2007)


G. Della Ventura, F. Bellatreccia, G.C. Parodi, F. Camara, M. Piccinini

“Single-crystal FTIR and X-ray study of vishnevite, ideally [Na6(SO4)][Na2(H2O)2][Si6Al6O24]”

American Mineralogist  92, 713-721 (2007)


A. Bocci, A. Marcelli, E. Pace, A. Drago, M. Piccinini, M. Cestelli Guidi, A. De Sio, D. Sali, P. Morini, J. Piotrowski

“Fast infrared detectors for beam diagnostics with synchrotron radiation”

Nuclear Instruments and Methods A  580, 190-193 (2007)


L. Malfatti, T. Kidchob, P. Falcaro, S. Costacurta, M. Piccinini, M. Cestelli Guidi, A. Marcelli, A. Corrias, M.F. Casula, H. Amenitsch, P. Innocenzi

“Highly ordered self-assembled mesostructured membranes: porous structure and pore surface coverage”

Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 103, 113-122 (2007)


P. Innocenzi, L. Malfatti, T. Kidchob, S. Costacurta, P. Falcaro, M. Piccinini, A. Marcelli, P. Morini, D. Sali, H. Amenitsch

“Time-resolved simultaneous detection of structural and chemical changes during self-assembly of mesostructured films”

Journal of Physical Chemistry C 111, 5345-5350 (2007)


I. V. Kucherenko, V. S. Vinogradov, G. Karczewski, N. N. Novikova, M. Cestelli Guidi and M. Piccinini

“Manifestation of CdTe Quantum Dots and Interdiffusion in IR Reflection Spectra of CdTe/ZnTe structures with Quantum Dots”

Physics of the Solid State  49, 1563-1566 (2007)


B.V. Robouch, A. Marcelli, M. Cestelli Guidi, A. Kisiel, E.M. Sheregii, J. Polit, J. Cebulski, M. Piccinini, A. Mycielski, V.I. Ivanov-Omskii, E. Sciesinska, J. Sciesinski, E. Burattini 

“Statistical model analysis of local structure of quaternary sphalerite crystals”

Low Temperature Physics 33, 214-225 (2007)


J. Generosi, M. Piccinini, A. Marcelli, S. Belardinelli, D. Pozzi, A. Congiu Castellano

“Characterization of solid supported lipoplexes by FTIR micro-spectroscopy”

Infrared Physics and Technology 50, 14-20 (2007)


C. Paluszkiewicz, W.M. Kwiatek, A. Banas, A. Kisiel, A. Marcelli, M. Piccinini

“SR-FTIR Spectroscopic preliminary findings of non-cancerous, cancerous and hyperplastic human prostate tissues”

Vibrational Spectroscopy 43, 237-242 (2007)




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