SINBAD Publications 2005




M. Cestelli Guidi, M. Piccinini, A. Marcelli, A. Nucara, P. Calvani and E. Burattini  “Optical performances of SINBAD, the Synchrotron INfrared Beamline At DAFNE” 

Journal of the Optical Society of America 22, 2810-2817 (2005)


A. Bocci, M. Piccinini, A. Drago, D. Sali, P. Morini, E. Pace, A. Marcelli ”Detection of the SR Infrared Emission of the Electron Bunches at DAΦNE”

LNF Report - 05/12 (NT)


P. Innocenzi, L. Malfatti, T. Kidchob, P. Falcaro, M. Cestelli Guidi, M. Piccinini and A. Marcelli  “Kinetics of polycondensation reactions during self-assembly of mesostructured films studied by in situ synchrotron infrared spectroscopy”

Chemical Communications 18, 2384-2386 (2005)


P. Falcaro, S. Costacurta, G. Mattei, H. Amenitsch, A. Marcelli, M. Cestelli Guidi, M. Piccinini, A. Nucara, L. Malfatti, T. Kidchob, P. Innocenzi “Highly ordered “defect-free” self-assembled hybrid films with a tetragonal mesostructure”

Journal of the American Chemical Society 127, 3838-3846 (2005)


G. Iezzi, G.D. Gatta, W. Kockelmann, G. Della Ventura, R. Rinaldi, W. Shafer, M. Piccinini, F. Gaillard  “Low-T neutron powder-diffraction and synchrotron-radiation IR study of synthetic amphibole Na(NaMg)Mg5Si8O22(OH)2

American Mineralogist 90, 695-700 (2005)


J. Polit, A. Kisiel, A. Mycielski, A. Marcelli, E. Sheregii, J. Cebulski, M. Piccinini, M. Cestelli Guidi, B.V. Robouch, A. Nucara  “Vibrational spectra of hydrogenated CdTe”

Physica Status Solidi (c) 2, 1147-1154 (2005)


N. Mironova-Ulmane, A. Kuzmin, M. Cestelli Guidi, M. Piccinini, A. Marcelli  “Influence of diamagnetic impurity on mid-IR absorption in antiferromagnetic insulator NiO”

Physica Status Solidi (c) 2, 704-707 (2005)


M. Piccinini, M. Cestelli Guidi, A. Marcelli, P. Calvani, E. Burattini, A. Nucara, P. Postorino, A. Sacchetti, E. Arcangeletti, E. Sheregii, J. Polit and A. Kisiel  “Far-infrared synchrotron radiation spectroscopy of solids in normal and extreme conditions” 

Physica Status Solidi (c) 2, 236-239 (2005) 




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