Access to the Hall B
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Basic steps

  • Tell the shift leader you want an access to Hall B.
  • Go down in the labyrinth to the access cage.
  • Take the phone and dial 7050 to let MCC know that you want  to go in.
  • Enter the access cage and unplug a key from the interlock key holder.  
  • Dial 7050 again and tell MCC guys the following:
    (remember that in the access cage there is a camera)
    • Last NAME;
    • First NAME;
    • Show your interlock Key and say the number;
    • Show your TLD badge;
    • Declare that you are ODH trained
  • Door is open now. You can go in.
  • When you come out do the following:
    • Take the phone dial 7050 and say : " I want to go out";
    • Enter the cage;
    • Plug your interlock key back;
    • If you are the last person coming out, plug also the master key back to its own holder;
  • walk out.

IMPORTANT: Remember that if you are the first one to go in you have to wait for the ARM (Assigned Radiation Monitor) who will survey the Hall to make sure it is safe to go in.

Before going to the Clam Shell ask him to survey it.