1. Admitted students are invited to come to the Labs on:
    Monday, February 16th 8:30am - Auditorium Bruno Touschek, building High Energy (36)

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  2. How to reach Frascati National Laboratories (LNF)
    The LNF are within walking distance from Frascati, the Hotel Villa Mercede and Tor Vergata Railway Station.
    The train station is very close to the LNF.

  3. Hotel reservations are confirmed directly from our office to the hotel: Hotel Villa Mercede.
    Students provide to the payment directly to the hotel

  4. Students will attend the Labs during business hours (from 8am to 4pm) in agreement with LNF tutors. The presence will be checked by LNF Guardiania in entrance and exit.

  5. In case of absence, delay or early exits, students must promptly notify the LNF tutors and the Communication and Scientific Education Office. In order to achieve the Participation Certificates absences are not allowed except for important reasons.

  6. The activity is free of charge; however, the participants should provide for travel, accommodation and dinner expenses (lunch is organized at the LNF canteen during the days of the School).

  7. We recommend to observe the class schedule and an appropriate behavior to a workplace.

For any information please contact:
Communication and Scientific Education Office
e-mail: comedu@lnf.infn.it
phone: +39069403 2871-2423
fax: +390694032243
LNF Guardiania phone: +390694032200