The "II Timing and Synchronization Workshop" is promoted within the frame of the stable collaboration among INFN, Sincrotrone Trieste and ENEA about design, construction and operation of SASE-FEL user facilities and it is organised as a satellite Meeting to the 1st IRUVX-PP Annual Meeting which will take place immediately after the Workshop.

The Workshop will be held at the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste, on 9 March 2009.

Timing and Synchronization is a challenging area for the FEL facilities presently in operation, under construction or in design phase all over the world. The electrons beam characteristics, the adopted schemes to drive the FEL process and the timing of the user pump lasers ask for global synchronization down to the 10 fs scale.
These absolutely unprecedented synchronization requirements have pushed the research in this field up to a breakthrough in the system performances. Optical techniques improved and optimized for this task have been used to demonstrate the possibility of distributing synchronous reference signals over hundreds of meters and synchronizing mode locked lasers at the level of 10 fs.

The 1st T&S Workshop held at Sincrotrone Trieste on 26-28 March 2008, has been a very fruitful appointment to report and compare novel synchronization techniques, to share experience and expertise, and to overview requirements and design baselines for future facilities.
One year after, a new date for the international community working on this subject has been set up to present the recent progresses in the field and, especially, to focus on problems of component engineering and global T&S system implementation over large scales, as required for effective facilities operation.

Participantion is upon invitation only. No participation fee is foreseen.
Interested people are invited to register no later than 20 February 2009, using the online Registration form.

MG - 15 January 2009