- ISAMU ABE Prize -

The International Program Committee and the Local Organizing Committee, to honor the memory of the PCaPAC co-founder Isamu Abe from KEK, suddenly passed away on June this year, have decided to institute the "Isamu Abe Prize" to be awarded to the junior researcher with the best contribution among those presented at PCaPAC2002.
The award is intended to recognize and encourage innovative achievements and applications of Personal Computers in the field of accelerator controls.

The prize of 1000 Euro, generously donated by Abe's family, will be awarded by the Award Committee, that will be composed by members of both the International Program Committee and the Local Organizing Committee. All attendees to PCaPAC2002 under the age of 35 being the corresponding author of either oral or poster contributions are eligible for the "Isamu Abe Prize".

Candidates must submit for the Prize sending an email to, providing name, date of birth and paper code number.
Only submissions received before September the 30th will be accepted.


Talks transparencies will be made available on the web after delivery of the talk.

Participants, whose abstract will be selected for oral presentation, are encouraged to arrange their slides electronically as either a PowerPoint presentation or PDF file.

Files must be sent before the beginning of the workshop using the following online form:

Please notice that the email address to send the files to, in the online form, is:

Small files can be sent by email to the following address:
Please, remember to specify your presentation code number

Presentations format and performance, of files received in advance, can be checked by the Local Organizing Committee, upon request.

If not sent in advance, speakers are kindly requested to provide their transparencies on floppy-disk/CD-Rom upon their arrival at the workshop.

In the Auditorium there will be a video projector and a laptop on which speakers will find their presentations previously sent.
One's own laptop can also be used.

Guidelines for Electronic Presentation

Landscape slide format is recommended.
Please, pay attention to fonts type and size, that must be no less than 24 pt.
Check also the performance of colours: some of them could appear unreadable when projected.
Carry your backup set of transparencies with you to the podium in case there are problems.


Posters should be mounted in the morning, they must be manned throughout the session from 16:30 to 17:45 and removed immediately after the end of the session.

A board of 1 m width and 1.80 m height is reserved for each poster. In view of the relatively small display area, and to allow live demos, all presenters are encouraged to bring and use their laptop to complement the poster presentation.


The deadline for the submission of papers to PCaPAC2002 is at the workshop, anyway, early submission is encouraged.

Invited papers must be limited to five A4 pages.
Orals and Posters Contributions must be limited to three A4 pages.

Participants should follow the Joint Accelerator Conference Website (JACoW) specifications for the preparation of Papers. Templates can be found at the following web page:

Papers, in WORD or PDF format, should be sent via e-mail to the following address:

In any case, PDF format is strongly encouraged in order to avoid problems with special fonts and pictures.

Print also a hard copy of the paper ready to take to the workshop.

Special Precautions for Electronic Publication

To produce Adobe Acrobat PDF files that perform properly, use only TIMES (in roman, bold or italic), symbol, and Zapf Dingbats fonts.
All contributions should use 10 pt fonts for the normal text.

The workshop proceedings will be published on CD-ROM.

Please note that Papers for publication only will not be accepted.