The Nufact05 Proceedings will be published on Nuclear Physics B (Proceedings Supplement) from Elsevier.

Contributions will not be accepted if published elsewhere. Authors will prepare a camera-ready manuscript (ps or pdf file) using the Elsevier's predefined latex style file. Colored figures and pictures will be printed in B/W.

The files needed to produce your contribution are:

  1. ESPCRC2.PDF (instructions for the manuscript preparation)
  2. espcrc2.tar.gz, a package that contains:
    • readme2, further description of the procedure
    • espcrc2.tex, a small sample article (the source of pdf above!)
    • espcrc2.sty

An example for preparing the contribution with MS Word is also available.

We had a very large number of contributions. Unfortunately, the volume of the Proceedings must be 500 pages at most. We have therefore to impose very strict limits on you.

They are :

  • 5 pages for Plenary talk
  • 8 pages for WG summary
  • 3 pages for WG talk of 25 min. or more
  • 2 pages for WG talk of less than 25 min.
  • 2 pages for poster

No pages are allocated for discussions. Only very few exceptions can (and will) be made wherever really necessary. Please submit a request to us if you really need one additional page.

The deadline for the submission is 30 september 2005.

The contribution (and all the questions concerning the Proceedings) must be sent to the usual address

WG contributions should also be sent to the convenors of the WG.


The guest editors

Giovanni De Lellis
Pasquale Migliozzi
Alessandro Paoloni
Francesco Terranova