Working Groups

The Workshop will consist of Plenary Sessions, with invited talks, and Working Group (WG) Sessions. Each working group will be convened by 3 convenors, one from each of the main regions of the world.They will make the WG agenda. The identification of the WGs and the selection of the convenors is being made by the Scientific Programmme Committee. Most likely, it will resemble closely the organization adopted in 2004, where we had four Working Groups:

  • Neutrino Oscillations Phyisics
  • Neutrino Interaractions Physics
  • Slow Muon Physics
  • Accelerator Physics

All participants are encouraged to propose a contribution to the following WG, directly to one of the convenors.

NUFACT05 Working Groups

WG1: Neutrino Oscillation Physics


Dr. M. Messier,
Dr. K. Long,
Dr. O. Yasuda,

WG1 program

WG2: Neutrino Scattering Physics


Dr. Sam Zeller,
Dr. R. Ball,
Dr. M. Sakuda,

WG2 program

WG3: Machine Design and R&D


Dr. H. Kirk,
Dr. H. Haseroth,
Dr. Chihiro Ohmori,

WG3 program , WG3 program (Frascati)

WG4: Intense Muon Physics


Dr. Lee Roberts,
Dr. M. Grassi,
Dr. A. Sato,

WG4 program