LNF Spring School Bruno Touschek
Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati dell'INFN,
Frascati (Rome), Italy May 14-18, 2007

Dear Colleague,
we are getting close to the start of the LNF Spring School (LNFSS07) that will be held May 14-18, 2007, in Frascati, at the National Laboratory of the INFN, LNF, Italy.
This is our final bulletin and we try to summarize the most updated information.

Conference telephone numbers
During the school week, the Secretariat will be reacheable at the number 0039-06-94032701. For emergencies outside School hours, you can reach the Organizers through the Laboratory guards at 06-94032200.

School Program
After the Welcome on monday morning, the program develops in Lectures and short talks by the young participants :

Welcome and Opening
A) Lectures on
1) The Physics of Kloe
2) Recent development in B and charm physics
3) Flavour Physics on the Lattice
4) Strong Dynamics at LHC Energies
5) Rare pi and K decay experiments
6) The Anomalous Magnetic Moment of the muon
7) Effective Field Theories for low energy
B) There will also be a seminar on Deep Inelastic Scattering and one session on the history of physics, centered about Bruno Touschek. During this session, two short movies will be shown. The Touschek Gallery in the High Energy Building will be inaugurated with copies of 35 drawings by Bruno Touschek.
The full program is available on the web-site.

How to get INFN Frascati's laboratory
Frascati is located 20 km south-east of Rome and 40 km west of Fiumicino Airport. The LNF are about 2 km from the center of Frascati town. To reach directly LNF from the aiport you can go by train to the Termini Station ("Roma Termini") and then take the "regional" train Roma-Cassino or Roma-Frosinone to get off in TorVergata (second stop).
The laboratory is 150 m uphill from the TorVergata station, on E.Fermi Street.
For more information and train time-tables go to:

Social Events:
- There will be a Welcome Party on Monday, May 14, starting at 19:30 at Hotel Villa Mercede
- There will be a Dinner on Tuesday May 15th, at the Pinocchio restaurant in the Piazza del Mercato in Frascati with a typical menu
- The Conference Excursion will be on Wednesday, May 16th and will last the entire afternoon.. We will leave by bus from LNF at 13:30 to go to the INFN Gran Sasso Laboratory, which is about 90-120 minutes from Frascati, in the heart of the Appennini range, and visit the Underground Laboratory. The Laboratory activities will be presented by researchers working on the undeground experiments, further information is at the URL http://www.lngs.infn.it.
- There will be a minisoccer game between School students and members of the LOC on thursday evening, after all the young researchers have given their talk, lasting one hour, held on Laboratory grounds
- The Social Dinner will be on Thursday, May 17 at the Hotel Villa Mercede.

If you are not yet registered, please do it as soon as possible. The School fee, without accomodation, is is 100 euro, to be paid cash upon your arrival at the laboratory.
Remember also to ask for network connection from the laboratory in advance if you plan also to attend KAON07 Conference starting the week after the Svhool, by filling in the form on the registration page at the conference web-site
, http://www.lnf.infn.it/conference/kaon07
Looking forward to seeing you in Frascati,
The LNFSS07 Local Organizing Committee
e-mail: school@lnf.infn.it