LC10 Workshop
New Physics: complementarities between direct and indirect searches

High energy Physics is expected to yield new and exciting results in the next few years: there is little doubt that many hints, from neutrinos, flavor Physics, astroparticles point to a new set of phenomena coming into experimental reach.
There are many “new Physics” scenarios proposed, and, up to now, the experimental information available does not allow to choose between them. This workshop is meant to review these scenarios, and, discuss the implications that various experimental programs might provide.
In particular the high energy e+e- program and the astroparticle program will be covered at length, while “low energy” programs like the muon gyro magnetic ratio will be discussed also as relevant experimental contributions are expected to come from that sector.
A preliminary list of topics covered in the workshop includes:

  • Status of New Physics from latest experimental results:    
    • LHC
    • Tevatron
    • Flavour Physics
    • Low energy experiments
    • Dark matter searches
  • Introduction to DM models and cosmological scenarios
  • Review of Linear Collider  technological challenges
  • New Physics scenarios at Linear Collider
  • Linear Collider vs LHC.

The Workshop will be held together with the Bruno Touschek Memorial Lectures on November 30th, 2010.