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Comments & Feedback

M. Bondarenco

A fabulous island and a perfect conference.
Got some sun tan, great sightseeing, and news about world research developments.
So, many thanks to the Organizers once again!!!

Excerpts from letters

V. Vysotsky

Спасибо за исключительно хорошо подготовленный набор фотографий с конференции.
Теперь о конференции.
Все было очень хорошо организовано, спасибо.
Было много интересных докладов (для меня персонально - "лазерная" часть, источники излучения, рентгеновская оптика ну и, конечно, ядерные реакции при малой энергии).  Организовать все это - титанический труд. И ты это делаешь каждые 2 года, а то и чаще!
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V. Vysotsky

Thanks for exceptionally well-prepared set of photos of the conference.
And now about the conference.
Everything was very well organized, thanks.
There were a lot of interesting talks (for me personally - "laser" part, the sources of radiation, X-ray optics and, of course, nuclear reactions at low energies). Organizing it all - a titanic work. And you do it every 2 years, and even more often!

A. Tishchenko

Thank you for the beautiful place and photos!

Ph. Schoofs

I would like to profit from this mail to thank you on the great organization of the conference and thank you for the pictures!

C.A. Ur

I take the opportunity to thank you again for the invitation to participate to the Conference. It was very interesting for me and the location was magnificent.

K. Lekomtsev

Thank you very much for your help!

Alessandro Curcio

Grazie della disponibilità e complimenti per il magnifico congresso di Capri!
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Alessandro Curcio

Thanks for the availability and congratulations for the great congress of Capri!

Анатолий Сабиров

Прекрасное время, проведенное на Капри, оставило хорошие впечатления и долгую память о проведенных днях. Спасибо тебе и всем организаторам конференции.
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Anatoliy Sabirov

Great time spent on Capri left a good impression and a long memory of those days. Thank you and all the organizers of the conference.

L. Gizzi

Ho visto le foto - bellissime. In particolare quella che ci hanno fatto alla cena dove sono con Brunella è piaciuta molto anche a lei - complimenti al fotografo.
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L. Gizzi

I saw the photos - beautiful! In particular, the one with me and Brunella taken at the social dinner, she liked it too - congratulations to the photographer!

Andrei Korol & Andrey Solov’yev

Thank you for organising the nice conference.

D. Giulietti

… il pieno successo della Conferenza ed attestare il grande ed efficace lavoro di organizzazione fatto da te e dai tuoi collaboratori.
Comment translation
D. Giulietti

… a full success of the Conference and the great and effective organizational work done by you and your collaborators.

Karo Ispiryan

Thank you for everything.

H. Yamada

Thank you for your help during my stay.
Our collaboration will bring us many fruitfull results.

D. Mirarchi

Grazie ancora per l’invito a Channeling 2014, e per tutta l’organizzazione impeccabile.
Comment translation
D. Mirarchi

Thanks again for the invitation to Channeling 2014, and for all the flawless organization.

Gennadiy Filippov

Thanks once more for Your hospitality and excellent organization of the conference.

Yasushi Hayakawa

Thank you for organizing the excellent conference.

U. Wienands

Let me thank you again for your invitation and for a conference well organized and very fruitful scientifically as well as very enjoyable.

Vesna Berec

Thanks for organizing the wonderful conference.

Lorenzo Torrisi

Mi complimento per l'organizzazione impeccabile del Congresso Channeling e Ti ringrazio molto per avermi dato l'opportunità di partecipare.
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Lorenzo Torrisi

Congratulations for the excellent organization of the Channeling Congress and Thanks a lot for the opportunity to participate in it.

Len Feldman

I enjoyed Capri and meeting a number of scientists in very different fields than mine.
Thank you for all your good work in organizing the conference.
Thank you again for your efforts in  making the conference a success.

J. Remillieux

Thank you again for the excellent organization of the Conference.

H. Backe

First of all I would like to thank you and your team for having organized this really nice conference. In addition, I thoroughly enjoyed the days of my stay at Capri. They will remain unforgettable.

A. Potylicyn

Thanks once more for your hospitality and efforts of LNF team for the Conference arrangement.

Art. Mkrtchyan

Thank You for hospitality

X. Artru

I take this opportunity, with Marie-Christine, to thank you and Tania for your wonderful welcome and care during all the conference.  We will not forget the island and the cordial atmosphere among the participants.

Vladimir Zvorykin

Thank you and Tanya, as well as your secretary Francesca and Donatella for organizing so nice conference.

L. Serafini

Grazie per la bella conferenza, sei stato bravissimo.
Comment translation
L. Serafini

Thanks for the nice conference, you've been great.

D. Mazon

Many thanks again for this wonderful conference.

Giacomo Germogli

I would like to thank you and all the people involved in the organization of the conference. It was a very important experience for me, either for all the people I met and also for the beautiful location.

Эринэ Бабаханян

Ещё раз благодарю Вас за всё: помощь, тёплое отношение, общение и приятное времяпрепровождение.
Comment translation
E. Babakhanyan

Once again thank you for all the assistance, warm attitude and a pleasant pastime.

Youngmin Shin

It was great conference and we spent excellent time at Capri. It was really enjoyable.
I would like to express my deep gratitude for your thoughtful dedication to organize the conference and warm-hearted hospitality for my visit on LNF.
I really wish we continue on our discussion and explore an opportunity for further collaboration on channeling activities. 

P. Karataev

Thank you for your organisation of the Conference.

V. Malyshevsky

Большое спасибо тебе за огромные усилия по организации замечательной конференции в замечательном месте.
Все прошло отлично!!
Comment translation
V. Malyshevsky

Many thanks to you for the tremendous efforts in organizing a wonderful conference in a wonderful location. Everything went perfectly!!

F. Zimmermann

Many thanks for the great workshop and the wonderful location. I would have loved to stay longer.

D. Sergeeva

Спасибо Вам за организацию Конференции! Такое замечательное место выбрали - приятно было там находиться и работать. Во время конференции много нового, полезного и интересного для себя увидела, узнала.
И конечно, спасибо за всяческую поддержку - материальную и моральную!
Comment translation
D. Sergeeva

Thank you for organizing the Conference! Such a wonderful place chosen - it was nice to be and work there. During the conference I learned a lot of useful, interesting and new things.
And of course, thanks for every support - financial and moral!

S. Torok

Thank you again for the fantastic organization and the fine program.

P. Wobrauschek

This is to congratulate you again for the perfect organization of the conference. Looking back there were really a lot of very interesting contributions. Science brought us together and it is a good way to do both, personal connection establishing and improving scientific horizon. Also the social activities were so well organized and i think you should get the positive feedback.

R. Chehab

I take this occasion to thank you warmly for your nice welcome at Capri. I attended some very interesting talks and got more and more convinced of the usefulness of such workshops.

L. Allocca

Ti volevo fare i complimenti per l'ottima riuscita del convegno sia sotto il profilo scientifico che organizzativo.
E' stata una bella esperienza, un luogo ameno e condizioni meteo ottimali.
Comment translation
L. Allocca

I'd like to congratulate you on a great success of the conference both scientifically and organizationally.
It was a great experience, a pleasant place and ideal weather conditions.

Н. Калашников

Хочу поблагодарить Вас за прекрасную возможность принять участие в заседаниях сообщества "Channeling".
Comment translation
N. Kalashnikov

I'd like to thank you for the wonderful opportunity to participate in "Channeling" community meetings.

Evgeny Mazur

Thank you for giving the opportunity to have the amazing days in a very interesting conference on the beautiful island. This scientific atmosphere at the conference will be a motivating factor in the writing of the scientific papers by all those involved.