5th International Conference - Channeling 2012 - Charged and Neutral Particles Channeling Phenomena - September 23-28, 2012 Alghero (SS) Italy

Conference topics:

  • Coherent scattering of relativistic charged particles in matter
  • Radiation of relativistic charged particles in periodic structures (coherent bremsstrahlung, channeling radiation, resonant transition radiation, diffraction radiation, parametric x-ray radiation, LPM effect)
  • Crystal channeling, volume capture and crystal reflection of positive ions: theory and experiments; crystal assisted collimation in hadron colliders
  • Channeling of radiations in capillary systems (micro- and nano-channeling, nanotubes, nanoporous)
  • Novel types of sources for electromagnetic radiation (FEL, Thomson scattering, laser plasma acceleration)
  • Advances in x-ray and neutron optics (capillary/polycapillary optics, compound refractive optics, micro- and nanofocusing, waveguides)
  • Applications of channeling phenomena (beams deflection, positron sources, powerful radiation sources, novel x-ray table-top instruments)

Channeling 2012 will collect, together with historical and present status lectures by the experts in channeling physics, presentations on new large projects as well as various international collaborations devoted to the studies within the main conference topics. This edition will be extended by couple of dedicated sessions on advanced x-ray optics and accelerator techniques.

Invited Speakers (confirmed):

X. Artru
Radiation Induced by Charged Particles in Optical Fibers

H. Backe
Observation of Undulator Radiation at Channeling of Electrons in Strained Layer Si_{1-x}Ge_{x} Crystals at MAMI

P. von Ballmoos
Gamma-ray Optics in High-Energy Astrophysics

V.G. Baryshevsky
Time Oscillations of the Intensity of Parametric and Diffracted Channeling X-Ray Radiation

S. Bertolucci
Advanced LHC Studies: Present and Future

R. Bonifacio
The Quantum FEL

M. Borghesi
Current and Future Ion Acceleration Mechanisms Employing Ultraintense Lasers

M.B.H. Breese
Ion Channeling in Ultra-Thin Silicon Membranes

R. Carrigan
On the History of High Energy Channeling

M.L. Carvalho
Focusing Systems for X-ray Micro Beam: an Overview

Yu. Chesnokov
25 Years of Bent Crystal Channeling Applications for Beam Splitting, Extraction and Collimation at the U-70 Accelerator of IHEP

U. Dosselli
LNF: New Trends of Frascati

W. Gabella
Generation and Application of Channeling X-Rays using a Novel Low-Emittance Electron Beam: Plans and Status

L. Gizzi
Acceleration with Self-Injection and All-Optical Radiation Sources at LNF

S. Guiducci
Status of the SuperB Factory Collider

K. Ispirian
Coherent X-Ray Radiation Produced by Microbunched Beams in Amorphous and Crystalline Radiators

V. Malka
Electron and X ray Beam with Laser-Plasma Accelerators

A. Pathak
Influence of Defects and Anharmonic Interactions on Channeling and Channeling Radiation

A.P. Potylitsyn
Characteristics of Final Particles in Multiple Compton Backscattering Process

L. Rinolfi
Brief History of CLIC and Other Brilliant Positron Source Studies

N.F. Shul'ga
High-Energy Wave Packets in Processes of Bremsstrahlung, Transition and Coherent Radiation

V. Tikhomirov
Multiple Volume Reflection as an Origin of Maximum Scattering Intensity and Radiation Power

K. Tsuji
X-ray Elemental Imaging with Scanning and Projection Modes in the Laboratory

E.N. Tsyganov
Registration of Energy Discharge in D+D->4He* Reaction in Conducting Crystals: Simulation of Experiment