This workshop is part of a series initially on physics at Linear Colliders and now expanded to also cover other Future Colliders. It is organized in Italy every two years to stimulate and gather together the Italian community interested in LFCs. The workshop invites scientists from everywhere in the world to discuss topical arguments related to LFCs. Previous editions have taken place in Florence, Perugia, Frascati (twice) and Trento (twice). This year the venue is again the European Center for Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics and Related areas (ECT*).

This workshop will  explore physics prospects at very high energy LFCs covering: highlights from the LHC 13 TeV results, frontiers in high energy physics including reviews of future worldwide accelerator projects, QCD (also photon-photon) and EW interactions, beyond the Standard Model and Higgs physics, prospects for g-2, top quark physics, astroparticles and high energy physics tools.

We invite applications from early stage researchers working in areas related to the above topics. Junior participants, including advanced graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and junior faculty will be given priority.




The workshop is sponsored by ECT* and INFN