LC13 Workshop

This workshop is part of a series exploring the physics of electron-positron collisions at very high energy Linear Colliders (LCs). It is organized in Italy every other year to stimulate and gather together the Italian community interested in LCs, inviting scientists from everywhere in the world to discuss related topical arguments. Previous editions have taken place in Florence (2007), Perugia (2009), Frascati (2008 and 2010) and at the European Center for Theoretical Physics (ECT*) (2011).

A preliminary list of topics to be covered in this year workshop includes:

  • Status of the LC projects
  • Review of LHC results and future prospects
  • Theoretical updates on the infrared structure of QCD
  • Precision measurements in flavour physics and QCD infrared behaviour
  • Top physics measurements and uncertainties from the QCD infrared region
  • Phenomenological aspects of the QCD infrared regime at the LHC and LC
  • Total and elastic proton-proton cross-section: LHC and cosmic ray results
  • Infrared effects in low energy precision physics: QCD Tools in the infrared region

We invite applications from junior researchers working in areas related to the above topics. Junior participants, including advanced graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and junior faculty wil be given priority.

The workshop is sponsored by ECT* and INFN

web page of the workshop at ECT*