[Cache-Now!] Configuring OpenVMS based WWW browsers for caching

Drop me a line if you have info on setting up caching on any other OpenVMS Browsers

X Mosaic

This is a Wide definition, privileges required:
  $ define/system HTTP_PROXY "http://wwwcache.lnf.infn.it:8080/"
  $ define/system WAIS_PROXY "http://wwwcache.lnf.infn.it:8080/"
  $ define/system FTP_PROXY  "http://wwwcache.lnf.infn.it:8080/"
  $ define/system NO_PROXY   "lnf.infn.it"
A user can overwrite the system definitions in this way:
  $ define HTTP_PROXY "http://wwwcache.lnf.infn.it:8080/"
  $ define WAIS_PROXY "http://wwwcache.lnf.infn.it:8080/"
  $ define FTP_PROXY  "http://wwwcache.lnf.infn.it:8080/"
  $ define NO_PROXY   "lnf.infn.it"


All incarnations of Netscape are configured for caching in the same way

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