[Cache-Now!] Configuring Netscape to use a cache server

Netscape has its own disk based caching mechanism, but this does not seem to be suitable for sharing between multiple users

In version 1 of Netscape, a fill-out form can be brought up by choosing

from the menu bar. The current beta releases of Netscape version 2 adopt a slightly difference style based on Windows 95 look and feel:
Netscape version 2 allows the configuration to be set either by filling in a form or by downloading a script. The script approach is more flexible than the form, and allows multiple cache servers to be configured to provide a fall-back capability. For manual configuration click on the button labelled View... and fill out the resulting form as shown below.

Note that only the host name of the cache server should be entered in the boxes on the left hand side of this form, i.e. wwwcache.lnf.infn.it rather than http://wwwcache.lnf.infn.it/

The completed form should look like this:

Netscape screendump

Configuration files

It is also possible to configure Netscape for caching by editing its configuration file:

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