[Cache-Now!] Configuring PC based WWW browsers for caching

Drop me a line if you have info on setting up caching on any other PC browsers

Internet Explorer for Windows 95

If you use the Right-Hand mouse button on the icon on the Windows 95 desktop which is shown as The Internet and then select properties (or double click on Internet in the Control Panel?) you will be presented with the Internet Properties dialog. Select the Advanced tab and enter the details as in the image below.

Internet Explorer screendump


All incarnations of Netscape are configured for caching in the same way

Windows Mosaic

Select Preferences from the Options menu, and click on the Proxy tag. Be sure to include the full URL of the proxy server, as seen below:

Windows Mosaic screendump

Alternatively, edit mosaic.ini:

  [Proxy Information]
  NoProxy0=lnf.infn.it,no proxy
  All Others=proxy

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