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LNF Computing Service User's Guides:

UNIX at LNF: User'ss Guide 2.0 (html and ps)
Digital UNIX Documentation Library
IBM AIX 4.3 Documentation [FORTRAN Compiler] [C Compiler]
Networking Documentation:
LNF network settings
Network Computers - The Future Clients
Rembo ai LNF
BpBatch ai LNF
The Network Time Protocol (NTP)
Services Documentation:
AFS Documentation
SSH Documentation
Guida al servizio di posta elettronica
Mailing Service Guide
IMAP Netscape Configuration
Proxy Configuration with Netscape
How to read email outside LNF using IMAP/Netscape
Guide all'uso di Pine
Migrating mailbox and mail folders from VMS to unix
Database del Servizio di Calcolo
Servizio di stampa ai LNF
Other Documentation:
Appunti Linux ( Versione PDF )

Authors: Sandro Angius , Massimo Carboni , Massimo Pistoni

Last update: Oct 22, 2001

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