Kerberos 4 authentication end of support

The Kerberos 4 authentication (used, for example, by the "klog" command to get access to the AFS filesystem) is no longer supported.

Computing services central systems (lxgw and lxplus) already authenticate users via Kerberos 5, so it is possible to get an AFS token via Kerberos 5 issuing the command "kinit" followed by the command "aklog".

Further information on Kerberos 5 setup can be found at K5@LNF webpage.

People using OpenAFS client on a Windows PC have to install the "Kerberos for Windows" software to use Kerberos 5 authentication.
Two guides written by Riccardo Santilli on how to install OpenAFS client and Kerberos 5 are available:

People using OpenAFS client on Mac OSX, can use its "PreferencePane", making sure you select "Use aklog" on tokens panel to enforce the use of the Kerberos version 5.

Created on: 29-Jul-2013
Last update: 29-Jul-2013

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